By Prime Minister James Marape | 11 December 2020.

To my staff and friends, please inform all our networks , don’t spin unsubstantiated texts or attachments in public spaces like what came out this morning from unknown sources on a purported communications between lawyers and politicians.

Facebook or public conversation forums are no place for allegations of crime or wrong doings etc.

Citizens who have evidences of wrong doings of any kind must take to police first and not public forums.

In today’s age of speed and craftiness of Information and Communication technology users, misinformation or misuse of information will cause harm to our nation’s image. Think about your country’s future and not just today.

To my staff and supporters and my side of political debates must be kind, courteous, considerate and act with restrain in all manners of public conduct, work and conversation.

Lawyers are there to do their job, newspapers and reporters are there to do their job, our Judiciary is there to do their job and we must not question their rulings in media or elsewhere but in the court rooms.

I condemn who ever did the release this morning on something I feel is misconstrued and I am getting police and Nicta to investigate this matter.

And whoever released the purported communications between lawyers and politicians please take it to police and they should assist if there are merits with the complaint.

For one thing I know of and would like to protect in my life is the freedom of responsible press and the independence of our Nation’s Judiciary.

You and me can play politics please not let’s not attack fundamental institutions of our democracy.





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