PNG is a Nation Not for Papua New Guineans.

By Sylvia Pascoe | 20 November 2020.

This makes me so sad. Julius has given so much to so many. He took a chance on me when I first started my business. I know so many that also know his kindness and support.

What he is speaking out about now, this is happening all over the country in every industry. This is why when one province is fighting for rights I join them, I know all too well, we could be next.

We need to banned together to survive otherwise Png is lost, Png is a nation not for pngeans.

I have had to fight off politicians and big corporates that have insisted in flying in and shipping in gear that Png owner businesses have spent years to build up same stock.

I have said over and over if I lose that job to another local business so be it, but when I see ten times more paid out to foreign owned companies for things we can cater for locally, well I’ll say something.

Do not sit there thinking this will not happen to you. Bilums are being bastardised, buai sales will become packaged and sold through a foreign business, buses and taxis – there are foreigners brokering deals to take over public transport.

Enough of thinking small – highlands, islands bullshit, we are wan pipol and the sooner we act like it and protect each other every step of the way, we can actually maintain control of our lives.

Otherwise our children will not have the option of going home to a garden and village at all. The will HAVE to work a 9-5 job, to pay rent in a sad dungeon of an apartment in a city, they’ll have to catch a bus, and there won’t be the freedom we so take for granted right now.

Can you not feel it slipping away??? Year in year out. They are making our people desperate to the point people that had decent jobs yesterday are out trying to hold you up in your driveway today. Do you not see the number of beggars increase on the streets???

Stop being blind. We need to make a stand and turn this around now.

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