DHREST Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape. Keynote Address of Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Hon. James Marape MP at the 2023 Provincial Governors' Conference in Port Moresby.

Prime Minister James Marape’s Speech after Returning from New Zealand

PM JM’s speech after returning from New Zealand today.

By The Sunday Bulletin | Tuesday, 25th February 2020.


Prime Minister’s Speech.

Good afternoon everyone, good to be back home in PNG, home sweet home, nothing beats the fresh air, organic food and clean water of PNG, all I have to do is get ALL people in EVERY part of our country to work in our economy.

People call me a dreamer and talker, yes I am and I intend to follow through with my commitments for PNG.

The dream I dream of is not hard like John F Kennedy’s 25th May 1961 dream and pronouncement that America must put man to moon in 10 years; they ask him why and he said because it is a hard task, once achieved can show America we can do anything.

We can do it in 10 years if we all work now too. We not putting PNG to moon but getting back to work our land.

I just came back from New Zealand, theirs is a first class economy based and built on agriculture, fisheries and tourism, interestingly these businesses are operated by micro, small and medium (MSME) family and community based business structures.

I know many of you will say here we go again I am talking but I ask those of you who want to do something for yourself and your country and you unemployed today, go back to your land and mobilize your family and tribe to do business in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism.

We will streamline the process, we will give you credit financing and we will also give seedlings and we will buy from you.

My government is pro Papua New Guineans in business. Our partnerships with banks where government funds will be your security will mean you can get loans at 4-5 % for up to 15-20 repayment period for you to start something for yourself and your family.

On March I will announce the specifics of these programs so that all of you can think about business. Just like NZ exporting their business to all countries all over the world, I want us to ensure our agriculture, our forestry, our fisheries and our tourism are of global standard.

Don’t just waste time and energy talking or writing ideas for Facebook or WhatsApp, pick up a business idea and go right into it. Don’t forget Facebook was an idea that transformed into reality of business by Mark S who opted out of college for business.

You too can do it, we will link with banks all over the country to assist you all into business, I want to grow 200,000 new family based MSME business in PNG within the next 5 years, are you one of them.

Take back PNG by doing business, don’t be lazy let’s do it. I don’t believe in free handouts, but making people work hard to earn their living hence this programs.

Keep a lookout for announcements on this MSME programs this March.




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    1. Arnold, I concur with you. We need capitals and proper management and technical skills to expand this industry.

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