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Roko Koloma has disappeared !

It is over 12 months and Roko Koloma who is responsible for the K200m NID scam and the K24m NSO funds has yet to be charged.

Roko has simply vanished and there seems to be a lack of effort in bringing him to justices

Lawyer Chris Jaminan has helped on a Pro Bono basis on putting all the restraining orders aside for the Arrest of Roko and yet, this Public Servant is on the lose.

Will Police Minister Kramer be able to solved this? Can acting Police Commissioner prioritized this as it is an ‘OPEN & SHUT’ case.

Maybe you can have some wins and also have the Minister responsible brought in as well as they all helped him stealing over K200m of Public funds.

Police yet to Arrest Roko Koloma

By: Christopher Jaminan

PNG is crying out for accountability, justice etc.. the issue with Mr Roko Koloma the suspect National Statistician is very clear.

I have done my bit as a private Counsel to assist the Boroko CID with their case to remove all restraining orders obtained by Mr Koloma against his arrest in the Criminal and Civil District and National Court jurisdictions (which I did probono- free of charge) for the Police to arrest him for fraud and misuse of funds.

Almost 3 months have lapsed since the removal of these restraining orders and this person is still not being pursued by the Police.

Now there is another administrative investigation set up by the Government to investigate another allegation of misuse of public funds by this person headed by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.

I don’t know what law books these police and government busy-bodies are reading but it now seems this administrative investigation might be a basis to vindicate Koloma!

Short of superlatives I am tongue tied. It’s nonsense. Koloma should have been arrested yesterday!

C Jaminan


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