(Dedicated to Lady Veronica)

I could have found a man in a million

But faith has found me million in a man

I have no idea what was in your mind

I just kept faith towards your gravity

You raised your country

I raised your family

Sana, now I understand your dream

The more you dragged me into your dream

The more sensitive I became to watch you

You would came home as if the world ran over you

I always stood by your side to provide comfort

Sending you back to the enemy lines fully armed

We both have scares & wounds walked your dreams

Sana, now I understand your dream

I thought the peak of your dream was independence

I thought after that was all leadership and rulings

I was so wrong to have thought all these along

The true peak of your dream happened right after

I turned around to tell your victory only to see your chair empty

You should have told me how united the country you mould would be during your absence.

You are not here with me to see the real beauty of a United Nation.

Sana, now I understand your dream.

All your children are mourning in unity

Before you departed, you knew you have millions

The importance of Independence is felt when you left

I am privileged to be a fighter along side you

To see your victory in living your dreams

I can’t wait to tell you the true success stories

Wait for me at the rainbow for love haven’t failed us

Sana, wait for me to tell your victory.

Written by Gemba Raymond Dewane
| Mar, 14, 2021.

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