A short love story of Paulina and John. Paulina and John were teenage lovers. They began their love journey in their primary schooling years. John with little understanding of what future would be like for Paulina, he sacrificed his education and life supporting her to complete her education. However, all his love and care, support and sacrifices turned bitterness, when Paulina found another man.

Short Love Story – When Love Hurts the Most

Paulina and John met in primary school and become best friends. Their friendships then build into a loving and caring relationship. Both of them passed on to the same Secondary school.

They made countless promises never to let go of one another and to spend their life together. They share almost everything they had, their dreams, future plans, foods, cloths, money, they submitted, respectful, and loyal to each other. In other words, they were deeply in love with each other.

One evening, news came that they were both selected for further studies. As soon as the news was a hit, Paulina didn’t anticipate to wait, she quickly writes to John and told him of the exciting news, they were both happy.

Regardless of the good news, the fees charged for school fees mounted, and since the girl came from a broken family, her parents could not afford to pay her tuition fees so she regretfully with tears in her eyes, tell John to accomplish his dreams by perusing his education without her. John, since he shared her dreams, he knew how important education was to Paulina. So he lends his fees to Paulina so that she can continue, he knew that he must sacrifice his dream for her, in that way she’ll know how much he truly cares.

Paulina continued her education while the John was back home farming the land in order to pay her fees during her four years of education. At the end of the first semester, in her final year of studying. She was overly excited by the idea of getting employed and living the life of an educated woman.

She felt that her dream was close to be fulfilled so she started showing-off. She had countless requests from boys and girlfriends asked her to party with them. One evening she went out with some of her friends and she met a stranger and she completely forget about her hardworking friend. She went out couple of times with the stranger and would spend most of their times in hotels, clubs and other fun places.

Short Love Story - When Love Hurts the Most
Hearts Made for Breaking

One long weekend, John was so concerned and left home because Paulina did not reply his letters. He taught that she must have been sick so she did not reply to his letters. And he without knowing harvested the best produces from his garden and brought with him to visit Paulina.

He traveled day and night and finally arrived. The bus dropped him in front of the school gate. The securities at the gate restrict outsiders from entering the gate so he stood tiredly, worn out from the long distant he traveled standing at the corner of the fence hoping to see Paulina.

Around Lunch, he saw her with her friends walking out toward the gate. He was really tired but happy to see her face at the same time. He was joyously calling and waving while standing along the fence, Paulina for the first time pretended that she didn’t hear the boy. She was very disappointed that she was called by a rugged looking guy, her friends asked and she denies, she said maybe he thought I was his girlfriend, just look at him, not my type of man.

The security at the gate noticed and call John over and gave him every detailed information of how she’s being dropped-off and picked-up by the stranger. The news was shocking; he was nearly traumatized. He sat down break into tears, after an hour or two, he regained his strengths, gave the food to the security at the gate and traveled back home.

Paulina plunked one of her course and she was regarded not eligible to graduate the following year. She was abandoned by the stranger, she had no money to pay the fees to her education so she stayed home. She married to a guy who was from John’s village.

One evening, she sat by the market, looking lonely and sad, she had multiple brushes on her face. While watching people playing volleyball and other community activities a brand new vehicle stopped beside her, she was anxious and wonder who the driver of that very expensive vehicle might be. To her surprise, it was John, the friend that she ditched some years back. Her heart stopped, she was breathless and starred into John’s eyes with tears falling from her eyes.

John looked into her eyes and felt sympathy for her, and he said, if it wasn’t for your actions towards me, I would not become the type of man I am right now. Your actions challenged me to work hard and ever since I make my way up to where I am now. He smiled, lend her a K100 note and drove off..

Moral of the story: To all single ladies. Always know that NOT all men are glitters as gold. Whoever seems to care for you for a long time and you know him well about his personality is the best you have. Treasure him as he cares and sacrifices for your wellbeing.

Story written and supplied by RELGPI JP.

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