Exposing Illegal Logging in PNG

A company used fake documents to illegally enter land in Collingwood and log forests. Addressing illegal logging in Papua New Guinea by Oro Governor.

The Ongoing Illegal Logging in Collingwood, Oro Province of Papua New Guinea

By Gary Juffa, MP. | 15 August 2021.

In the last session I raised a question to the Environment Minister and for Ministers in the Lands, Agriculture, Forestry and Police to take note. My questions were in relation to the ongoing illegal logging in Collingwood, Oro Province.

A company had used forged documents to obtain permits from these various entities to enter illegally into state land and traditional land in Collingwood to log our forests there.

Despite stop-work notices issued by the Administration the company ignored these and continues to log. Reports were furnished in May 2021 to these Departments. Sadly the Police refused to act without a court order.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Forestry is sending a team to verify. Agriculture and Lands are investigating. Only CEPA acted on our reports by promptly suspending the environmental permit. This was ignored by the company that continues logging.

We have gone to court with our landowners to stop this. My questions were what would CEPA do now that the company had breached the suspension notice.

The Minister answered positively that he would act upon it immediately and not hesitate to penalize the company. I asked for all permits to be CANCELLED as they were all obtained by fraud. I tabled the report we had given these Departments in parliament.

BUT this post is NOT just about the disgusting lackluster efforts by our various Government Departments to halt illegal logging. It is about something I mentioned in my presentation, the “Anthropocene Age”.

I shall be presenting a series of articles on this subject matter, it’s consequences and what we must all do to manage those consequences…this is the first such article, an introduction if you will.

Meanwhile, I must qualify that I am NOT a scientist or a technical expert on the subject matter and my knowledge comes from my own efforts to research and attain said knowledge using whatever resources are available to me.

Feel free to correct me if you feel I have erred or presented information that is not factual.


The geological Anthropocene age is now. It is where Man’s actions are said to shape the planet. As the most intelligent species of life on Earth. We have done a terrible job of taking responsibility for the future and indeed our only home.

Our actions driven by greed and selfishness have dispatched millions of species of flora and fauna to historic oblivion never to be seen again. We have made the Earth hotter, brought about a dangerous rise in sea levels and triggered unusual and dangerous weather patterns.

We have realized this.

But is it too late?

We can’t lose hope. We haven’t the luxury to do that. This is our only home. We have to act to save it. ACT NOW.

Governments, businesses and communities must now come together and find sustainable development solutions to mitigate climate change and avert the looming catastrophe. If it is not too late yet.

Man can and must use his intelligence for greater good of all life.

SAVE OUR PLANET is a far more urgent mantra than we imagine. It is about our FUTURE and whether we will feature in it as a

As an individual all you can about what you can do, take action. Teach your children. Teach others. Find others who are willing to take action and apply pressure on your elected leaders. If they are NOT interested…DO NOT VOTE THEM BACK. Make the effort. SAVE OUR PLANET.

Next Episode I propose actions by Government, Businesses, Communities and individuals.

image shoe PNG MPs meeting with expats and the people of Oro province Violent against indigenous people of papua new guinea

Pic. Recognition by National Government of the largest conservation area in Papua New Guinea, the 3,600 squre kilometers Managalas Conservation Area, November 29th 2017; Itokama, Afore, Oro Province.

Present in pic include people of Afore where Managalas is located, then UNDP Resident Coordinator Roy Trivedy Minister Environment John Pundari, Sohe Member Henry Amuli, Norwegian Embassy Representative.

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