Against all odds, a 25-year old lass from Central has made it through to graduate from one of the toughest and highly respected courses at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Isabella Kila, will be among the law students to graduate tomorrow with a Bachelor in Law at the 65th graduation of the university.

Despite being born with Tetra amelia syndrome, a disability resulting from the absence of limbs or deformed limbs, Kila’s commitment and determination to complete formal education and pursue a career in law, is the reason for her family to celebrate at her graduation tomorrow.

She wanted to be a lawyer when she was in the 10th grade and represented the Cheshire disAbility Services PNG Young Voice group in 2013 in the International Youth with Disabilities meeting in Kenya.

“I met a lot of people who were like me – disabled and on a wheelchair but were very optimistic about life and individual career development,” Kila said.

“I wanted to become a lawyer because PNG needs inclusion in all forms of employment and there is a need for applicable legislation that will have full inclusion of persons with disabilities in our community.”

Kila’s mother, who has been her constant carer, always with her in school and her travels overseas to various conferences, said it was Kila’s passion, commitment, and determination that propelled them (Kila’s parents) to support her unconditionally.

That is part of their love and care for their daughter and her dreams; sacrifices aside.

“This would be a milestone achievement for my family, to witness Isabella graduating with a degree in law,” Kila’s mother said.

It will be an event that will bring many different emotions, for her when recalling the many enormous challenges they had been through since her education started.

“I am excited to be graduating tomorrow. That was everything I ever wanted – to get that degree,” Kila said, “to complete my studies in the Legal Training Institute and serve the country.”

In March this year, Kila was accepted into the Legal Training Institute for two years.

Caption: Isabella Kila trying out her gown during rehearsal. ~Picture courtesy of Isabella Kila.

Story by Amelia Beatrice Numa

Pen name~TrixieAnne~

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