By Robert Iki Leso


Stop doing business with Asians. Stop receiving bribes from them at the cost of our land, resources, people and the future of our children. Their money is cheap, the goods and services they offer are cheap and their expansion is alarming and wicked.

They are spreading like weed with sinister and diabolical motives. All the agreements and collaborations with our government are not pro PNG. Most of them are done with money bags with many of our morally corrupt and weak leaders.

Leaders of PNG in all walks of life should think about this country first instead of their own political or economic interest and survival. It’s getting on my nerves to see the widespread of Asian influences from our towns into the rural settings of PNG. They are taking over every fabric of our society faking everything along the way including our laws and flags and what you name it.

They do not seem to respect our laws, processes and rights. Asians have no respect for our people. They pick fight with them and abuse them most of the time with the lowest pay for our people who are taken as cheap labour. And the most disgusting thing about us is to pretend that nothing is happening.

Our leaders are also blind apart from the firebrand agent of change like the governor for Oro Garry Juffa. Are we still sleeping? When will we wake up? Am I the only one seeing it? Come on PNG! Come on Immigration. Come on IRC. Come on Boarder Securities. Come on Health dept. Come on citizens!

Screen these hooligans who are illegally entering our boarders. Stop receiving bribes from them. Check to see if they are paying the tax dues for lucrative businesses they are engaged in the outskirts of PNG. Consistently check their travel documents and passports. See if what they offer on the shelves are genuine and healthy.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing Through their fake unhealthy food that we are buying from, most of our active citizens will die of heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer when they reach the age of 50 and 60.

And even before that, we are threatened by this scary China made epidemic called Corona virus that can bring the nation to its knees as our borders are widely opened for free entry by these aliens with their incurable and uncontrollable diseases. Such is the painful price that we can pay for being complacent and negligent.

It seems highly likely that most of our working population who are living on processed food are actually feeding on fake and expired food hence the health may deteriorate with lifestyle diseases in the next few decades which has already begun.

Our cities and towns will be fake and filled with match box houses because the authorities are receiving bribes to comprise with the building standards. We are going backward and dwindling in our values and virtues in the context of development and progress.

We all have become weak in defending our own sovereignty, values, land and the people. When are we going to stand on our own feet and scream at the top of our voice to stop all these nonsense?

I see I cannot go and do what they are doing in my country without care in their country. I would be brutally stopped, face a firing squad or given life imprisonment. This is totally unfair, insane and unthinkable to allow them against our will and jurisdiction to destroy us and our children freely in our own land.

We are sitting on a time-bomb. Let us ACT NOW or it will be too late when we wake up from our slumber!



Robert Iki Leso


(Pictures used here credited to Roberted)



4 thoughts on “Asians (Chinese) Take Over Fabric of Papua New Guinea Faking Everything”

  1. This is alarming and I support Robert. Hope this piece reaches the deaf Prime Ministers Office. Otherwise, parliament has to vote for Gary Jufa to take the lead into such deals

    1. Don, well stated. Let’s keep sharing and making more awareness of this trending issue that is affecting the core the living standards and life of our society. I believe, the current government is aware of this, its establishing a special task force to take head on, on this matter.

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