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The National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate arrested and charged Managing Director for Rural Links Limited Mr. Kevin Atkinson Guba aged 48 of Ewore village, Sohe District, Oro Province.

He was arrested and charged with one count of misappropriation and one count of Money Laundering K1.6 million belonging to Ijivitari District in Oro Province

It is alleged, K3 million was paid by the Ijivitari District Treasury to two companies for purported Rural Health Program to be conducted in the Ijivitari District,however, the purported Health Program never materialised despite these payments being made in May 2012.

The National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate conducted investigations into this matter after a complaint by the Governor for Oro Gary Juffa.

The investigations revealed that K3 million was split into two portions of K1.65million and K1.35 million.

The First portion of K1.35 million was paid to National Real Estate Limited ,whilst the other half of K1, 650, 000.50 was paid to Rural Links Limited.

Investigations further revealed that no such program or project was delivered in Ijivitary District.

Fraud investigators found that out of K1.65million, K250,000.00 was put into a Interest Bearing Deposit at ANZ bank, and K165,000.00 paid to Outback Stationery Ltd, a company also owned by Mr Kevin Atkinson.

The balance of the money was withdrawn in cash over a period time for personal use until whole money was depleted.

Mr. Kevin Atkinson Guba was interviewed at Popondetta Police Station, charged and later placed in the cells. He will appear in Court in Popondetta later this week.


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