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Saturday 29th February 2020

Chairman of the Manam Restoration Authority Ken Fairweather has not resigned as reported in the Post Courier dated 2nd January 2020.
Madang Provincial Government and Bogia District Development Authority whose Ministry is responsible for the Restoration Authority says, Mr. Fairweather did not officially resign from his Chairmanship position of the Authority.

“My office and the Madang Provincial Government did not receive his letter of resignation as reported in the Post Courier dated 2nd January 2020”.

“Proper process was not followed in his resignation, as he should have tendered his resignation to my Ministry or to the Prime Minister as the chairman of NEC as he was appointed by NEC,” the Minister explained.

“This effectively means Mr. Fairweather’s Chairmanship position with the Manam Restoration Authority is current. I am calling on Mr. Fairweather to rethink his decision as the affected people of Manam are his own people and that he is the only ideal person to lead in the resettlement efforts”, Mr. Ninigi said.

As a new Minister, I am willing to work with Mr. Fairweather for the good of our people of Manam.”

On the issue of funding, the Minister explained that, “last year was a challenging year financially for the National Government in terms of funding and that affected the National Budget very badly for everyone including funds earmarked for Manam and Kadovar of K20m each, for the Restoration works which the funds were never released in full”, Minister Niningi explained.

“This year, a minimum K8m for Manam and K5m for Kadovar resettlement works are allocated. I want to see 99 percent of these funds used on the resettlement works and other priority social services in the care-centres both at Manam and Kadovar”, the Minister said.

“This time, my department will administer the funds for proper accountability and transparency as many a times funds directed to responsible agencies for restoration and resettlement activities did not properly get implemented. My Ministry, Manam Restoration Authority Board and DPLGA will work closely to plan, budget and implement priority activities of the resettlement exercise from this year onward”, he said.

The rightful entity mandated to oversee the operations and activities of resettlement exercise is the MRA with its Board under the chairmanship of Mr. Fairweather. Madang Provincial Government and Bogia District Development Authority (DDA) and other interest groups like the NGOs will work closely with Mr. Fairweather and his board for proper coordination of resettlement activities.

“Therefore, I call on Mr. Fairweather to reconsider his resignation and work closely with my Ministry, department and Madang Provincial Government for the betterment of the volcano affected people. However, if he wishes to resign, he will have to officially tender his resignation to my Ministry so that a replacement chairman can be appointed without further delay”, Minister Niningi said.

“On Kadovar Resettlement efforts, certain governance aspects of the Authority need to be fixed and I am calling on the East Sepik Provincial Government to fast-track the appointment of the nomination of Chairman and the Board Members, as required by the Restoration Authority Act. The Board will then work closely with my Ministry and other relevant authorities including the Provincial Government on the resettlement exercise”, Minister Niningi said.



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