A Poor Boy Who Sold an Old Shirt for $1,200 Became a Billionaire – True Inspirational Stories of Success

True inspirational stories of success and picture shared by MyScylla (Facebook Page). The original author of this story remains unknown.

Note: Selling an old shirt at an exorbitant price, many people who heard it thought it was an illusion, a vain dream. But after reading this story, you will see that there are things that seem impossible are possible.


No one knows where this story originated, but it is being shared and told by many people. They believe that anyone who wants to escape poverty should read it.

The story goes that that year there was a boy 13 years old. His whole family still lives in a squalid slum in Brooklyn (USA). His family has 4 siblings while the father’s meager salary is often not enough to pay for the family’s living expenses.

One day, the boy’s father gave him an old shirt and asked, “How much do you think this shirt is worth?”

“About a dollar,” the boy replied.

-Can I sell it for $2?

The boy’s father asked while looking at the boy.

“Father, I think only a fool would buy this shirt,” replied the boy.

The father looked at his son with encouraging eyes:

– Why don’t you try it? Do you know? Our family is in hardship, if you sell this shirt, it can help us a lot.

After hearing his father say that, the boy nodded in agreement:

“I’ll give it a try, but I’m not sure it can be sold.”

The boy took the shirt to the laundry very carefully, because there was no iron to iron it, he used a brush to wash the shirt, then dried it on a flat piece of wood in the shade. The next morning, the boy took the shirt to a busy train station.

After 6 hours of non-stop soliciting, the boy finally sold the shirt for $2. He quickly took the money from the sale and ran home to give it to his father.

After that, every day he went to find old clothes to bring home to clean and sell.

One day the boy’s father gave him another old shirt:

– Can I sell this shirt for 20 dollars?

– Father, how can it be sold? How can an old shirt have such a high value, at most is 2 dollars.

– Why don’t you try to think of a way, there must be a way. The boy’s father encouraged.

Finally, the boy came up with a way, he asked his cousin, who is very passionate about painting and is very good at drawing, to draw an eagle and a cute mouse on his shirt. Then he chose a school, where many young masters and rich children attended, he stood at the school gate to greet buyers.

After greeting for a while, a housekeeper and his young master came to buy a shirt. The young master was very excited when he got the jumper so he tipped the boy for an extra $5, and he sold the shirt for a total of $25

This is quite a large amount of money for his family, this amount is as much as a month’s salary of his father at that time.

After returning home, his father gave him another shirt and said:

– Can you sell this shirt for 200 dollars? His father looked at him with a look full of trust. At this point, the boy did not hesitate, he accepted the shirt with both hands, began to think…

Two months later, the opportunity finally came. That day, the main actress of the popular movie “Charlie’s Angels” came to the boy’s city to promote the sequel of the movie.

After the meeting with the reporter ended, the boy boldly stepped forward, ran to the side of actress Farrah Fawcett – Majors, handed over an old shirt, and asked her to sign it. Farrah Fawcett – Majors was dumbfounded for a moment but then happily signed on the shirt, no one could refuse a cute boy with such innocent eyes.

After signing, the boy asked her:

– Can I sell this shirt?

“Of course you can, this is your shirt, you can sell it if you want.

The boy standing on the podium shouted loudly:

– This is a shirt signed by the beautiful actress Farrah Fawcett – Majors herself, the price is 200 dollars.

After going through the auction, the shirt finally sold for an unbelievable amount, 1200 dollars.

When he got home, he found his father and another person at home.

The boy’s father was touched and hugged him, kissed his forehead: – I originally planned, if you can’t sell it, I’ll ask someone to buy it back, I didn’t expect you to be so good! You really are so good…

That evening the father and son sat and talked for a long time.

His father asked:

– Son, from these 3 shirts, do you understand anything?

“I see that you encouraged me.” The boy looked at his father emotionally and continued:

– As long as we brainstorm, nothing is impossible, no matter how difficult it is, there is a solution to it.”

The boy’s father nodded in agreement, but then shook his head and said:

– You are also very right, but that was not my original intention.

– I just want to tell you that an old shirt worth only 1 dollar still has a way to increase its value, but why should we be pessimistic with this life, right? You see, even a $1 shirt can do wonders.”

– Yes, an old shirt can make itself more noble, so what reason do we have not to love our own lives more!

Thanks to the lesson from his father, from then on, the boy always lived a life full of faith and hope, no matter how dark the reality is.

20 years later, the boy’s fame has spread around the world, through every corner of the small streets, people still talk about him. That boy grew up to become a rich billionaire, chairman of the board, the largest shareholder of the Charlotte Hornets corporation. That boy is Michael Jordan – the world-famous basketball legend, the greatest sports athlete of the 20th century voted by ESPN magazine in 1999.

Life is not perfect and we can live in a difficult, disadvantageous situation. But, the situation is just a test for each person to show their worth.

true inspirational stories of success


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