By Bryan Kramer | 03/09/19.

Yesterday, the National Executive Council (NEC) revoked the appointment of Acting Commissioner for Police, Francis Tokura and appointed Acting Deputy Commissioner (Operations) David Manning in his place.

It also appointed Assistant Commissioner for Police for NCD/Central, Donald Yamasombi as new Acting Deputy Commissioner for Police (Operations).

The reason behind this decision was two fold.

Firstly, to re-instate Mr. Tokura to his substantive position as Deputy Commissioner for Police for Bougainville to oversee the preparation and conduct of the Bougainville Referendum in November 2019.

Last week, Member for South Bougainville Timothy Masiu raised an issue on the floor of Parliament over the decision to remove Mr Tokura as the head of Police on Bougainville, placing him as the Acting Commissioner for Police.

“Minister, Bougainville is in a very intense referendum mode right now… When you removed the man in charge of law and order in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, the decision has created a big vacuum in the law and justice sector on the island and we don’t have a head of Police” Masiu said.

Maisu directed the following questions to me in my capacity as the Minister for Police:

1) What arrangements do I have to fill the important vacancy I created?

2) How soon will I fill the vacancy?

3) Do I have an overall policing plan to assist police on Bougainville as count down nears the referendum day?

While I provided a somewhat lengthy response to the questions asked, I did make it clear that Bougainville would get the attention it deserves and if it means returning Mr Tokura as Chief of Police then it would be considered.

I also noted the significant responsibility Mr. Tokura had inherited, a police Force that was essentially broken.

This morning I messaged Mr. Masiu to advise him of NEC’s decision to reinstate Mr. Tokura to his substantive position on Bougainville.

Masiu’s response was “Thank you my Minister. An important decision.”

Second reason behind the decision to reinstate Mr. Tokura to Bougainville, is that the Police Force is facing serious administrative, operational, command and discipline issues.

These issues span throughout the country and while Mr. Tokura was head of Police of Bougainville, a Province, it would be unfair to assume he would be best placed to address both issues.

Why appoint David Manning?

Mr. Manning was the second most senior officer of the Force, as Acing Deputy Commissioner for Police (Operations).

Prior to his appointment as Acting Deputy Commissioner, his substantive position was/ Assistant Commissioner for Police for Operations.

He is a long serving member of the Force, with 22 years of experience, having joined the Constabulary in 1997 as a cadet officer. He has risen through the ranks with extensive experience in the field of operations including major deployment and operational tasks.

I understand the Mr. Tokura has taken issue with his reinstatement as Chief of Police for Bougainville, staging a press conference this morning and suggesting NEC decision was highly questionable, suspicious and without merit.

He also raised issue over being notified of his sacking via WhatsApp message.

Firstly, it’s important to note, NEC (Executive Government) made the decision after open meaningful consultation and consideration, following the very process that gave effect to Mr. Tokura’s own appointment.

It is regrettable to learn that Mr. Tokura has implied NEC decision is questionable, suspicious and without merit , when it was in the interest of ensuring Bougainville referendum and Bougainville people are given the priority it deserves.

Why was Tokura informed of the decision by WhatsApp?

Unlike in the past when Commissioner’s of Police would hear of their removal from office in the press or rumors, I contacted Mr. Tokura last Friday hoping to meet with him to discuss this issue.

Unfortunately, he was on his way to Bougainville explaining he would be back on Monday, the very day NEC was to meet.

I called Mr. Tokura explaining I needed to speak to him about discussions to have him reinstated back on Bougainville as Chief of Police.

NEC meeting went on for 8 hours finishing 9pm at night. I contacted Mr. Tokura to nofiy him of the decision, rather thnn him hear it through someone else.

While I understand there are some who are of the view I should have informed Mr. Tokura in writing, well it would not have been practical to be writing a letter minutes after a meeting and have it delivered to him late at night.

It was always the plan to provide a formal letter of explanation to re-affirm what was explained via text messages. Personally, I would rather be informed of a decision
seconds after it is made than wait two days to receive it in writing.

In this case Mr. Tokura was afforded what no Acting Commissioner in the history of constabulary has – right to be informed ahead of time and seconds after a decision was made concerning their appointment.

However, the effect was only to have Mr. Tokura go to the press in the morning claiming the NEC decision was suspicious and without merit.

All of the above issues aside, I hope Mr. Tokura will respect the NEC decision and return to his substantive position as Chief of Police on Bougainville to deliver a successful referendum.

In conclusion, I would like to put to notice certain actors in the background who are considering using this issue to cause disaffection within the Force – such conduct is a criminal offence under Section 136 of Police Act and they can expect to be dealt with very soon.


Photos credited to Bryan Kramer.

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2 thoughts on “MANNING, NEW ACTING COMMISSIONER FOR POLICE | by Bryan Kramer.”

  1. I was robbed by Waigani Police on the 6th of September 2019 by the night shift officers with OIC Albert from Kavieng who lives at games village. It was around 3pm in the morning I came out from Gold Club and drove off to go home when I was hold up by the Police doing road block at Waigani round about. I actually explained to them the situation and advised that I am heading home. However they took my license and told me to park aside. While I waited for them I fell asleep so they drove my car with me on the off side seat all the way to Waigani Police Station and they did not woke me up but decided to take all my belongings (Samsung galaxy phone, time watch on my hand, Car MP3 and my K110 eye glass). When I woke up in the morning I notice I was at the Police station and so I went to the counter but was advised that only my keys were available but no one knows who took the other items. Albert told me that he has my keys but I had to come with some money to get my keys after being robbed. Sir this is really a rip off and injustice being served as a citizen of this country and I have respect for Police but with this experience I don’t have anymore trust even so call OIC of Police.

    1. Maro, sorry to hear about your situation. Where you able to get those officers to trial. If you remember their faces and names, you could have get them before court.
      With the new police Minister, I believe we will see some level of changes in terms of Police brutality and abusive of power. There are good officers but amongst them there are bad weeds needs to be identified and pulled them out.