New PGK100 Bill To Bear The Face Of Sir Julius Chan is In Order and Not to be Debated

By Don Pomb Polye,

Good morning.

I would say that Sir Julius Chan deserves to have his face on our currency just like Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare’s on it. Sir J was our second Prime Minister in the pioneering days.

I also think the late Sir Tei Abal too should have his face on our currency too as the First Opposition leader of PNG .

In order words we should have the First PM and second PM of PNG on the currency. The First leader of Opposition should join them on our currency. They be that special treatment as THE PIONEERS.

But putting up other people’s face on the currency should be determined confined to a POLICY PERSPECTIVE.

Shall I add that LETS not debate too much on this matter. It’s a straight forward issue! Sir J deserves to be on the currency as a PIONEER LEADER.

Let’s spend more time discussing on matters that matter most at present to SOLVING THE CASHFLOW AND MACROECONOMIC STABILITY issues before us.

Sir J comes under the PIONEER policy perspective to coin him on the currency


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Alex Demchenko
Is this the same Julius Chan who gave the order. “Shoot to kill” the Bougainvilleans who were protecting their land and its assets?
Sandy Pere
Looking at the history of our kina, in 1997 something happened. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I could still remember someone told me that my kina went through a big change during the year 1997 and since then has still taken a downward ride against major currencies. So I must put his face on the 100 kina bill to hope for a rise in the value. A basic family meal in major towns of PNG back then would be less than K5, and now?
Ere Kariko
Sir Tei Abal would have been more appropriate. First Opposition Leader. First PM already Sir Michael, now time for Sir Tei…
Ricky Joseph
The generation of this beautiful country needs to know the difficult moments in our Country, more particularly during this cash flow crises where the Government itself cannot pay for the salaries of its public servants and most small SME’s dying out. The important fact that our Country has unnecessary borrow money at the expense of our future Generations. These future generations need to know why they are going to shoulder all these foreign loans, thanks to Peter Oneill. Put Peter Oneill’s face on the K100 bill.

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2 thoughts on “New PGK100 Bill To Bear The Face Of Sir Julius Chan is In Order and Not to be Debated”

  1. -Lets give credit to where its due .Our country is not a Business to run and put pictures of single person or leader in the currency notes that our nations and nations after us will use
    Put features that exists in our country .