Oh I Wish! Oh I Wish!

By Michael Wally Enga.

Oh I Wish! Oh I Wish!

Those were the days when greed was no where near them, when corruption found it hard to invade them, when self interest was buried in the love to serve the people, when the people were the heartbeat in their decision making.

They looked pure, they looked innocent and they were oblivious to the evil that was lurking to pounce on them to derail them in their purposes and mandate.

There is a big difference now to what was before as distinct as the day is to night and we can only lament the difference of the bygone years.

Oh I wish, if only the dreams of our founding fathers could be lived out by the leaders of today.

Oh I wish of the leaders of today could follow the foot prints of our founding fathers and treasure the values they embraced , oh I wish and I wish!


2 thoughts on “Oh I Wish! Oh I Wish!

  1. In reference to Michael Wally Enga’s article – Oh I Wish! Oh I Wish!
    If only we could follow the simple Rule of Law, we would never have had to go through what we are facing today. The most important institution that needed overhauling is the Education Department. Emphasis on Education must be encouraged at all levels – If we have an educated population, that are being thought and trained to be responsible citizens, than, only than we can achieve some of the medium term development goals, or if not all of it.

    Well, said Michael W Enga.

    1. Tarcisus Maune, I absolutely agree with you. Lack of knowledge leads a nation to total destruction. Something our leaders need to seriously look into it.

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