O’Neil the Master Magician

By Allan Bird, MP. | 29 November 2020.

O’Neil is probably the most cunning PM we ever had. He was a master magician, he will always point to the big projects his government did. Big, expensive, overpriced, very visible projects. For 8 years, he told us to focus on the big expensive projects.

But the problem was, these fancy expensive projects did not result in any economic growth!

He made us all look at the fancy projects and while we were mesmerized, the other hand was ripping the guts out of PNG.

While we focus on the fancy roads, the glitz, and the glamor, free education, free health care. We didn’t realize that there were no jobs, hospitals ran out of medicine, TFF wasn’t getting to the schools, power was erratic at best, the loans had to be repaid sometime. Now we are hit with COVID19 and we can really feel the pinch.

O’Neil was a master magician. People are already forgetting how brilliant he was in fooling us all.

It reminded me of Rome 2000 years ago, while people starved at home, Nero had games in the colosseum where Christians were fed to the lions for entertainment.

Those tricks of ancient Rome still worked in a modern-day PNG. In case your memory is failing 18 months later.


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