Our Country Needs Stability and Not Instability.

By Prime Minister Hon. James Marape | 16 December 2020.

I am not a righteous person so don’t praise me or another human, for we all live by Him , the Great Almighty Jehovah God who created us.

Roman 8:28 has always been my mojo when the going gets tough.

I stand to be continually advised to do better for our country now and into the future. If there were mistakes I made in the yesterdays, well I have learnt!

My country and people, have HOPE not all is bad, even if I am not around I am grooming the next generation PNG Leaders who will care for our resources and the ordinary people.

Our dream is for our country to be rich and our people to be well looked after hence we are doing reforms.

Today in compliance to court direction, we sat in parliament and pass budget for 2021 and 70 Honorable MPs are now with me going back to our government retreat base.

To the family and people of the 52 MPs who maintained presence with me right through, I say THANKYOU.

To those who moved and got back, I ask our citizens to understand them, they had work issues with me hence they left, we have reconciled and they are back.

To the opposition, we have not been greedy , development funds for your districts and provinces are being distributed.

Let’s all work for our country now, enough of politics. It’s only one year to 2022, support me in a better cleaner census and common roll update next year.

Our country needs stability and not instability. Put your country ahead of your self, what will you honestly do in one year, when you all had 43 years running this country.

Now time blo stretpla wok lo mas go stret!


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WATCH: Media Press Conferece after Passing of the National Budget 2021 | 16 December 2020.

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