Approved for Release: Friday 31st January 2020

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, says there is still need for improvement in the Public Service, as we work together to move Papua New Guinea forward.

He made these remarks whilst addressing public servants at the 2020 Public Service Dedication and the launching of all GoPNG Annual Operation Plans (AOPs), in Port Moresby, this morning.

He said the Marape-Steven Government aims to reform our Public Service, and we encourage public servants to come forward and contribute in any way possible, to improve our public service mechanism.

“We are starting to honour the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) adjustments, with incentive-based measures.

“We will put in place better ways where performance is based on KPIs, through a contract-based agreement.

“This Government is committed in assisting you, as you contribute in moving the country forward, with dedication, devotion and passion,” PM Marape announced.

He said today we must rise up to the true calling of the public service and perform to the best of our abilities.

“This Government is now looking at reforming the public service structure, implementing ways where we will measure your ability based on your contract, in order to ensure the right people are working.”

He further urged the Department of Personnel Management to take stock of Public Service General Orders and ensure five year contracts are established for every public servant – from the top down to the lowest position.

“This is expected to be the biggest reform in the public service system, based on performance.

“This Government is cognizant in meeting the needs of our public servants; hence you must also be cognizant in your performance, in the public service.

“Our public service system is like the human body. For instance, if you take away the eyes or any body part, for that matter, from the public service – it will not be able function well. And similarly, we are all part of this public service body.

“This will be the greatest reform in the public service mechanism, in contributing to the successful way, progressing into the future,” PM Marape said.

He said we want to make available and allocate land as performance-based incentives to you – the public servants, who contribute largely in revenue, through personal income tax.

“Personal Income Tax is currently our leading revenue-maker instead of corporate income tax.

“We will free up land for every public servant and missionary, who have rightfully served our country,” PM Marape said.

He urged each public servant not to procrastinate, saying every delay is a delay in the progress of our country.

“I look forward to another progressive year 2020, with the Government objective to improve our public service mechanism,” PM Marape concluded.


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