Papua New Guinea Hunters Hitman, Jokadi Bire Exposed PNG Hunters Lack of Players Welfare Support on his Facebook profile as copied and posted on Rugby League Romantics' Facebook page.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Hunters Lack of Players Welfare Support Exposed by Jokadi Bire - PNG HUNTERS #87.

By Rugby League Romantics | 20 August 2022.

My opinion to png fans. I'm thankful for all my fans who supported me when I played in the hunters jersey. Very much appreciated.

I am Jokadi Bire, Hunter #87 who suffered a heart disease ( Disection Aorta) in Gold Coast hospital on 15th June 2021.

I collapsed in official gym session. I underwent a heart operation that really cost my entire life.

According to doctor reports, we all no that I can't play rugby league again.

I just want to share Some points regarding players welfare. Considering my condition.

1. I lost my rugby league career in a hunters training Jersey at gym session.

2. I lost my memory because of the Operation that will take me 2-3 years to recover which affect my university degree.

3. Living with a mechanical valve with will take another operation in the future.

4. Will be living with a medicine for all life which is not available in public hospital but only in pharmacy at lae and pom.

Considering these conditions, I was asking the hunters management to help but they have no proper plan to help a player who are in the same condition.

In addition, they also deny me on the health insurance cover.

I was persistently asking but the hunters board neglected me.

So my point is are there any plans to help a professional player who suffers a career ending injury in Hunters colours??

Thank you for your time.
Jokadi Bire
Former PNG Hunter

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