By Laken Lepatu Aigilo – PNG Political Limelights | 01 December 2020.

Let alone the current issue on change of Government, the 4 Engan MPs had raised a very important issue of mismanagement of over K1.3 Billion proceeds from Porgera Mine for the last 30 years by EPG & the good Governor should take professional approach & respond appropriately like all our good MPs are doing.

The 4 MPs are Enga Provincial Assembly Members hence they exercised their legal right to question Ipatas. The manner & shape in which Ipatas had responded to our good MPs is utterly unprofessional, repugnant, immature & unbecoming of a good Governor!

Rather such nature of response is from a man who had admitted guilt of mismanaging over K1.3 billion & has nothing to say! Justice will be served on him soon!

On the issue of who is “Liklik Mangi”, let me briefly describe each of them & you will conclude who is small.

Hon. Rimbink Pato, OBE, MP, prior politics, was one of the most Prominent PNG Lawyers & highly paid Public Servant in the Southern Hemisphere (Finance Pacific Chairman) one time.

I heard he was requested to become a Judge but he declined for business & Political reasons. He is now 2 term MP for Wapenamanda Open.

Hon. Sir John Thomas Pundari, KBE, CMG MP, has Masters in Business Administration (MBA) & became MP at a very early age. He is one time Speaker of Parliament, contested for the PM Seat once & almost won & He had served as senior minister in so many ministries. He is now 4 term MP for Kombiam Ambum Open.

Hon. Alfred Manase MP, prior Politics, he has Masters in Law & was one of the most Prominent Lawyers in PNG. I heard he was requested to become a Judge but declined for business & political reasons. He is 1st term MP for Kandep Open.

Hon. Tomait Kapili MP, prior politics, he was one of the most Prominent Accountants of PNG & a career Officer. He is 1st term MP for Lagaip-Porgera Open.

Hon. Peter Ipatas Governor, prior politics, he was a grade 12 drop-out & village Councillor. He then became council president for Wabag LLG.

He was later appointed acting Governor & contested Enga Regional Seat in 1997 as Acting Governor. He won the election through rigging & since then, he had never won any NGEs but for rigging. So simply put, he was a grade 12 drop-out village Councillor turned Governor.

He can speak fluent English because he was taught by whitemen but he has never participated in all parliamentary debates in his 4 terms due to lack of knowledge unlike the 4 Open MPs. He is 4th Term Governor for Enga.

My conclusion: ‘An ant has just called 4 PNG Giants liklik mangis!’ You tok lo money, ol gat, save ol gat, ol win lo strong blo ol yet! In what ways are they small?! Sometimes your ego will put you to shame! Humble yourself small man!

Picture credit to PNG Political Limelights


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