By Bryan Kramer.

Reports Of Planned Arrest.

In last few days I have been receiving intelligence reports within the political circles, police ranks and security forces that there are plans to have me arrested and charged.

Certain high ranking officers within the Police Force are planning my arrest acting on complaint by former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, including a complaint filed by journalist in Madang who, in June 2018, I exposed for being paid public funds by the former Member of Parliament.

So there can be no question of doubt if certain Members of the Police Force wish to bring charges against me, it is their constitutional right to do so, provided of course they have sufficient grounds based on credible evidence.

For the record I won’t be going into hiding or running to court to seek restraining orders, which has been the practice of some Members of Parliament in the past.

The officers need only contact me requesting I make myself available for an interview and I will be happy to turn up to the nearest police station.

Unlike what happened in 2014, they won’t have to deploy fourteen uniformed officers to hunt me down to lock me up.

Back then I was illegally arrested on fabricated charges of attempted murder of the former Minister for Police and Member for Madang, charges in my view were politically motivated in an effort to silence me over my efforts to expose high level corruption in relation to the former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

I say this because after I was locked up in the Police cell, and was refused bail even after I obtained bail order from the District Court.

My lawyer had to threaten contempt proceedings against the officer in charge of the station before I was finally released in the middle of the night.

Soon after being locked up in a cell I was subjected to threats and intimidation by an officer directing me to an area located in the back police cell house, an area where detainees are typically subjected to police brutality or permanently silenced.

Fortunately for me, a number of the detainees transferred from Bomana awaiting trial stepped in and took me under their care.

They explained while Police control the main door in and out of the cells they control what goes on inside it. I was eventually released and the charges against me later thrown out by the Courts.

A lot has changed since 2014, back then I was just an ordinary citizen doing my civic duty educating the public on systems of Government, judiciary and exposing high level corruption.

However, today I am Member of Parliament and a Minister for State, the Minister for Police to be precise.

It seems certain people in high places are deeply concerned following my recent appointment and recent retirement of the former Commissioner Gary Baki, and perhaps they should be.

So when will I be arrested?

If not today, then perhaps sometime this week. My concern will not be so much about my safety but the safety of the members of the force. When word of my arrest goes public to 800,000 residents in the National Capitals or millions of people throughout the country one would expect an immediate response.

My concern is that 10’s of thousands of people will converge on police stations around the city in protest. At that point I will not be in a position to guarantee any officers or the public’s safety.

With the exception to a hand full of corrupt officers I have absolute confidence in the remaining 7000+ plus officers who respect and uphold the rule of law and wear their uniform with pride and distinction.

This was why I decided to go back on my word to remain in opposition and instead accepted the appointment as Minister for Police. I did so with the genuine intention to address the many issues facing our men and women in blue as well as improve general safety of the public.

Unfortunately many members of the public don’t share the same view and have come to fear and resent the police force. One can’t blame them given many have been victims to police brutality, lost loved ones to unlawful shootings or subjected to verbal threats, extortion and intimidation.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain the likely outcome if certain corrupt members of the force collude with corrupt politicians in an attempt to bring me down.

A message to those who are silly enough to think that my arrest will somehow silence me or dislodge me from my cause to fight for the welfare of 8 million people of PNG, I didn’t seek elected office to be a career politician.

When Prime Minister James Marape contacted me to notify me of his decision to appoint me Minister for Police he explained the job will come with serious risks to my personal safety and I should take appropriate measures.

My response was, God will decide when it is time for me to leave this earth and if it happens in my cause to fight corruption then so be it, and if he says it’s not time then it’s not time.

I explained if I start focusing on my personal safety it would be like questioning my own faith.

Since taking office I have declined police close protection, police escort or even a designated driver.

I regularly get asked about the risks that come with what I do, my response has always been and will continue to be I have no question of doubt I will eventually get killed for what I do.

It goes without saying when you get in the way of those stealing billions in public funds, they will do whatever it takes to get rid of you.

When it happens, I’m certain it will, fighting corruption and the welfare of others less fortunate will no longer be my problem, it will the an issue for the next generation to take on.

For now I will continue to support Marape Steven Government in its vision to fight corruption and ensure a better future for our people.

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