Acknowledging the Resignation of Hon. Patrick Pruaitch’s Resignation from Cabinet, Prime Minister James Marape urging everyone to work together and help rebuilding Papua New Guinea. 

By PM Hon. James Marape | 25 November 2020.

From the Press I received news of Hon Patrick Pruiatch’s resignation from my cabinet. May I acknowledge the strong leadership he offered in the time he served with me in the 18 months we were together.

I thank him, his family and his people of Aitape Lumi for his support to me. I can understand that an opportunity to be PM after November 30 2021 was there and as a senior and experienced hand, he is entitled for a bid at that.

Every MP is entitled to his freedom of opinion and choices and also political career hence in the last few weeks some leaders choosed to leave Government. That is within their rights.

I would like to appeal to all our citizens to respect your MPs and don’t criticize your MPs as they excercise their free will.

You voters will have your say in 2022 but for now processes of parliament are there to take care of how MPs conduct including the vote for Prime Ministership.

For now these political matters are before our Supreme Courts, let’s respect that space too , the independence and functionality of our Judiciary.

In these days of real time message transfer through ICT, in use social media to send my message to you all my fellow citizens and residents of PNG. Below are some messages.

Let us stop over praises on politicians like me, ( I for one don’t like praises), let us restrain from unsubstantiated smear on all politicians and business houses etc, let us cease treats and intimidation, and let us refrain from regionalistic promotions. Let’s not be negative.

And let us promote national unity peace, order and for the well being of all. We living in scarier and scares times globally and locally.

Covid 19 has caused global economy to contract by over 5% this year ( worse since WW2), locally we hit hard, there is no magic solution but for all of us to support the country get through this phase.

Let’s all help rebuild our country.

Don’t allow the politics of politicians to get into your head or life . Maintain focus in your life , the country will live on with or without a politician.

God bless PNG!




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