Too much misinformation and hot air from crown on what they want to do in 2021 before 2022 elections.

By Prime Minister Hon. James Marape | 04 December 2020.

The crown camp has three former PMs and 9 former DPMs, those who have led the country the last 45 years or at least 43 years because the last 18 months I was in office.

I ask the crown camp to pick up their leader ( alternate PM) and I am willing to organize a national debate on live TV ( NBC or EMTV) and the nation can hear our debate on the following matters;

firstly my performance the last 18 months, secondly what they will do in 2021 and lastly what their school of thoughts are for the future of the country.

The nation needs to know , the nation needs to hear so I ask crown to pick a name , preferably their alternate PM and next week Tuesday night I propose a national debate live on TV.

Come to the debate, tell the nation of corruptions I have engaged in the last 18 months I have been in office, tell the nation of my poor work performance, tell the nation of my wrong decisions, the nation deserves to know. the nation deserves to hear from the alternate PM.

Tell the nation what you will do better that I am not doing. The nation will also hear from me too on my side of the story.

Tokout tok stret!

Hon James Marape MP

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

PS : PNGeans waste time on rugby league and state of origin, I think this national debate is much more important for national interest.

Picture by PNG Political Limelights

Opposition Camp in Vanimo Media Conference After Five Men’s Bench Supreme Court Ruling.

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