By PM Hon. James Marape | 16 November 2020.

Produce your number on the floor mate, I am a Huli chief now responsible for the small people’s dreams to be rich in their God given rich land and waters throughout the length and breath of my country.

A Huli don’t surrender in a fight, you have to kill me on the battle field and I will die with dignity. I would rather die in battle for the values I stand for then succumbing to the call of a political scumbag.

And if you do kill me, I can rest assure you, and your cronies, I have kindled a fire in the gut of many of my innocent country loving first and second term MPs who will carry the fight on to take back our country’s resources from the hands of greedy few elites who play this game under the pretext of people’s interest.

Don’t ask me to resign, come and get it off me in the battle grounds of Waigani. You, Belden Namah took it illegally off from the Father of our nation in 2011, it will not be as easy this time around.








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