Police recruitments Direct from year 12 for two years Diploma Training- Bomana Police College next year.

Source: Prime Minister Proposed
Posted by Tyakai Kalong

Due to number of inconvenience being caused by 6 months training police officers, our good PM had extended the training period to 2 years Diploma Program. The new recruitment will be done according to the School Leavers choices from the PNG secondary schools.

The PM had extended its training period to two years purposely for trainees to study basics of our constitutional rule of law that will acquire them to act as law protector and upholder. The other old officers with certificates will go for 1 year 6 months training to meet the policing requirements.

He also added that upng law faculty will affiliate with Bomana Police to train the police. The graduates will work in collaboration with our constitutional rule of law to minimize so many mass in the Policing hierarchy.

They will also protect our constitution independently while they have the basic skills in advance constitutional laws knowledge.
Furthermore, the task was given to the Police minister and Its commissioner to formulate the learning and teaching strategies to enroll trainees starting next year.

This was a good initiative from our good PM while it has been a citizens concern over the past years.

Thank you PMJM for that.


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