Statement by PM JM via Facebook (22//05/20)

Re-post from The Sunday Bulletin


Today I had the pleasure of finally issuing share certificates of free equity ownership ( 33%) Oktedi mining shares to Provincial Government, landowners and affected areas of Western Province.

They have been generous with their approval for mine to continue, despite environmental damages and in appreciation National Government passes to the three subsidiary shareholders (MROT, MRCMCA and MROT2) these parcel of shares.

I acknowledge the former PM PO under his chairmanship this decision was taken and I subscribe to the view that we must empower our landowners and provincial governments to as they are project area securities and they also live with the environmental consequences.

Going forward at every opportunity, we will empower more landowners and provincial governments in resource harvest as greater free equity owners, that is your God given resources, what ever it is.

Ours is a government of wealth and power sharing equitably all over the country. For instance the balance of BCL shares still held by national government despite many legal hurdles my instruction still stands that it must be passed to Panguna Land Landowners of Bougainville and the balance to sent to ABG for rest of Bougainville.

On a smaller note my Government has passed NEC decision to give 20% of Eda Ranu to Koari LOs of water reserve all the way through pipelines, we also passing 10% each to central provincial government and NCD.

Resources belongs to our people , we will share properly and equitably for all parts of our country but with respect to LOs and PGs where resources are located.

For provincial government with agriculture land, let’s work in partnership with LOs to commercialize agriculture, for Maritime provinces, we giving you fishing days and licenses to look for investors, for provincial governments with forestry resources, work with the LOs and develop it yourself, we will support at the central government.

Pangu Party and part of our economic independence strategy is to get LOs of all resources and districts and provinces involved in different businesses and resources potential God has already blessed us with.

Enough of sitting back and just talking and writing, pick up a shovel, axe, fishing line, organize your clans or province into a business unit, go to our Patner Banks like BSP, Kina Bank and NDB and pick soft loan ( SME partnership under 5 % lending for over 15 years repayment).

Let us all work to take back our country from economic poverty and make us truely economic independent and to be the richest black Christian nation where no one is left behind.

God gave us land, sea and rivers; there in lays our wealth but only those who want to persevere and work will find it. Nothing is free on Earth, even in unfallen garden of Eden, God told Adam to work ( Genesis 2:15, “ tend the garden”).

God bless PNG.



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