Mr. Pansa Huang of Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea, left his home province to serve with pure dedication and commitment to the people of Enga province as OIC health in Paiella sub-district. A rare public servant who serve for the love of people and not for the sake of fame and wealth. He deserve recognition and respects.

Serving the People of Papua New Guinea in the Tribal Conflict Zones with Pure Dedication and Commitment.

by Sam (Israel Waliya) Abilo via LinkedIn.

Firstly I do not know this Person Personally but his name is Pansa Huang from Morobe and is the OIC Paiella Sub District (Porgera, Enga) Health Centre since 2012.

Let's just have a moment to give Respect to this guy who left his home, his family and his Beautiful Morobe Province (a City that is) to come serve a remote place for a decade.

Think about it, the Weather, trust me leaving his Work Station to come to Wabag Town in the Morning on a Motorcycle, I could say he left around 4am or 5am in the Morning all the way to Wabag Town, the Unspeakable Cold but...… for the love of serving, the satisfaction of seeing a patient being healed by his hands, HE HUSTLES!

Imagine the countless Tribal Warfare along the Road, the Highway but without Fear, he passes through!

I'd be scared out of my mind to do this alone but the Guts, the Faith and everything this man stands for is admirable on so many levels.
This is the kind of Servant our Country needs to Recognize.

Imagine him going back to his station with a load of different Medicines for his people back in this workstation, on top of that, his Food, water... just on his little Motorcycle Back Booth.

My Brother, you don't need this Government to see what you're doing, God sees it all.

God Loves his People and he sends his Angel's to guide them (Policemen and Army) also he sends his Angels to Heal them too (Nurse), just know... you're one Angel God sent to the People of Paiella!

Thank you Morobe!

You yet you Kumul blo Engaland yah!

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