THE Western Pacific University (WPU) has announced its range of degree programs for the academic year 2021. The WPU is a fully digitized University in Papua New Guinea and 2021 will mark its inaugural year of enrollments.

The Western Pacific University Foundation Academic Program

The Ministry and Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MHERST and DHERST) hereby clarify to the general public and stakeholders, about the status of the Foundation Units currently offered at the Western Pacific University (WPU).

It was erroneously reported in The National Newspaper on Wednesday 27th January, 2021 that the accreditation for the foundation units was granted by the National Higher and Technical Education Board (NHTEB).

This statement made by the former Secretary for DHERST, Fr Jan Czuba, is, in fact, inaccurate, and does not reflect the decision of the NHTEB.

NHTEB only endorsed the delivery of the foundation year units whilst awaiting the submission of a complete degree programme from the WPU.

It is important that a complete programme is submitted to DHERST in order for external opinion to be sought from a programme specialist to determine the quality of the programme and decision-making by the NHTEB.

All universities are required to submit complete programmes to DHERST for validation to ensure alignment with the requirements of the National Standards for Programme Accreditation and the Papua New Guinea National Qualification Framework (PNGNQF).

This is for consistency across the higher education sector. A complete programme means a programme that leads to a qualification and award under the PNGNQF.

This process is important as it assists DHERST in the awarding of Tertiary Education Study Assistance Scheme (TESAS) to programmes in accordance with TESAS Policy.

With the current reform in the Higher Education Sector, the Ministry and DHERST are very serious on addressing non-compliance by individuals, institutions and corporations involved in the business of higher education.

the western pacific university

The focus is to ensure higher standards are attained and quality output is produced by institutions.

Individuals, institutions, higher education and corporations involved in the business of Higher Education deliberately providing misleading or false information to the general public will now be subjected to prosecutions under the Act.

Penalties stipulated under the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act (2014) and the Higher Education (General Provisions) (Amendment) Act 2020 will be enforced on non-compliance by the higher education institutions going forward.

Higher education institutions are reminded again to fully comply with regulatory requirements in order to benefit from the TESAS and the Higher Education Loans Programme (HELP).

Approved for ReleaseThe Western Pacific University


Hon. Wesley Ora Raminai, MP

Minister for Sports & Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology

(Member for Kagua Erave)

The Western Pacific University Online Application for 2022 Academic Year

Papua New Guinea University National Online Application System (NOAS) for Students Around the Country

Dear Student,

Welcome to your National Online Application System (NOAS) student account.

Your online account will enable you to make your choices or apply to your preferred tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea. Unlike in the past, you now have the luxury of applying for five main choices and making your backup choices.

Do note that programs in your account will appear based on a match between your subject combinations and the program requirements set by the institution. If you are unable to view certain programs that you wish to apply, it means that your subject combination did not satisfy the program requirement hence the program is not showing.

To fully utilize your account features, kindly click on this link to download a copy of your Student NOAS Manual to learn the features of your account in detail. We strongly urge you to take some time to read the NOAS student manual.

Also, take note of the important dates and activities of the NOAS below (the same is included in NOAS Student Manual).

Activity and Date Set

1. DHERST issues new invitation letters for new secondary schools – Monday, 23rdAugust 2021.

2. Principal issues Student NOAS invitation letter – Wednesday 23th August 2021 – Friday 3rd of September 2021.

3. Students apply for tertiary programs – Monday 23rd August 2021 – Friday 10th of December 2021.

4. Grade 12 national examinations – Monday 18th October – Friday 22nd October 2021.

5. NOAS grace period – Tuesday 14th December – Friday 17th December 2021.

6. Launching of 2021 selection for 2022 academic year – Tuesday 21st December 2021.

Students who wish to apply to University of Goroka and University of Technology must start register and pay for the registration fee for the STAT-P when the registration opens from the 28th September to the 24th October 2021. 

STAT-P is a prerequisite hence students must register through your NOAS account. The registration button will be visible once you choose your institution (either UOG or UOT) and program in your My Data section just before the saved button.

Click on the registration button, read the instruction to register and follow the instruction carefully to successfully register for the STAT-P test.

The bank account details, what to write on the deposit slip will all be indicated and how much you need to pay will be all provided in your STAT-P account if you have successfully registered for the STAT-P. Click on the links below for more information about the STAT-P

STAT-P Brochure
STAT-P Joint Media Statement 2021

Should you have any further queries or need clarification regarding your NOAS account or application, contact 301 2000 or email to

Thank you and all the best in your online application.

Dr. Francis Hualupmomi, PhD

Acting Secretary
Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology

Apply Now,

Papua New Guinea University of Technology and University of goroka

STAT P Test for Intending Applicants to PNG University of Technology (UOT) and University of Goroka (UOG)

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT P) developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), assist universities in their selection of students.

It allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to cope with tertiary studies, in addition to their grade 12 examination results.

The PNG University of Technology (PNGUOT) and University of Goroka (UOG) will use the STAT-P aptitude test in addition to the Grade 12 Examination results of school leavers (SLs) to screen all entry applications.

STAT is a tertiary aptitude test used widely by universities in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.

STAT P is a 2-hour and 10-minute exam that assesses verbal and quantitative reasoning skills.


  • School leaver (current grade 12) applicants to
  • School leaver (current grade 12) applicants to
  • Pre-service non-school leaver applicants to UOG

Test Locations

Alotau, Buka, Daru Island, Goroka, Kavieng, Kimbe, Kiunga, Kokopo, Lae, Lorengau, Madang, Mendi, Mt
Hagen, Popondetta, Port Moresby, Vanimo, Wabag and Wewak.

Please note, seats are limited. Once a venue is full, it will no longer be available to select when registering for a STAT P test.

Key Dates

Test Dates: Monday 8 – Saturday 13 November 2021. Please note, not all locations will run tests on all days.
Test Bookings Open: Tuesday, 28th September 2021
Test Bookings & Payments Close: Sunday, 24th October 2021

Test Fee

A non-refundable test fee of K100 (to be paid AFTER reserving a place). STAT P test fee payments can be made
up until the close of registrations.

Acceptable forms of payment:

cash deposit at a bank branch or at PNGUoT where a receipt can be provided to you referencing your unique payment description (provided to you in your ”STAT P Unverified Registration and Payment Information’ email/message).

Any other method of payment is only acceptable if the receipt references your unique payment description.

Payment queries should be directed to the STAT P Officer at PNGUoT:

Reserving a place/Registering for the test

By completing a STAT P registration, you ‘reserve a place’ for 2 weeks only. You have 2 weeks to pay your test fee (and for it to be verified) before your registration expires and your place is made available for others to reserve. This happens automatically in the registration system so please do not contact ACER for payment extensions.

If you do not receive a ”STAT P Unverified Registration and Payment Information’ email/message within 2 business days of making the payment, email a copy of your receipt to PNGUoT STAT P Officer at

If your registration expires, you will need to resubmit your test registration. This reserves a new place from those available. Please note, your original session day, time and/or venue may no longer be available.

How to login to your existing ACER account

Go to and follow the relevant prompts (school-leaver (current grade 12 student)/non-school leaver).

School-leavers and nonschool leavers login differently, please do not use the non-school leaver login page if you are a school leaver and vice versa.

School leavers login with SLF number and Family name. Your login details cannot be amended by you, please do not try. You can also link to your registration from NOAS (once you have completed a test registration).

Non-school leavers login with email address and password (set by you). You can retrieve your login details from the login page if you have forgotten them. Admission Tickets Admission Tickets will be sent approximately 1 week before the test.

They will be sent via the ACER Messaging System (and via email if your address has been verified). Please print your Admission Ticket and bring it with you to the test.

Only applicants that have successfully completed a STAT P registration and had their payment verified will receive an Admission Ticket.

Communications with STAT Office All applicant communications from ACER will be through the ACER Account Messaging System.

Once applicants have created their ACER Account (part of the test registration process) they will have access to
this messaging system.

To access ‘Messages’, log in in to your ACER User Account and click on the ‘Messages’ option at the top of the page. Emails will only be sent if a valid email address has been provided in your ACER User.


Emails are additional to messages sent to your ACER Account Messaging System. You can add an email address to your ACER Account yourself. Please see the Register webpage for details. Email addresses must be successfully validated before ACER will send communications to them. When you add an email address to your account, the system will automatically send you an email to ‘validate your ACER account’. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive it. You must click on the link in the email to validate your account.


  • Photo ID card – School ID/NID/Passport/Drivers
  • Evidence of Payment
    (bank deposit slip butt/receipt)
  • HB Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sharpener


COVID-19 Protocols of safe hygienic practices will be observed during the STAT P testing. All candidates are asked to bring their own masks, hand sanitizers and practice social distancing. **It is important that all students have a School ID card, NID card, Passport or valid Drivers License. Failure to produce valid ID cards will result in students missing out on the STAT P test.

Source: Western Pacific University Website

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