By Hon. Gary Juffa MP, Oro Governor

24 May 2020


Too often we are so often obsessed with what we don’t have that we forget what we do have..be grateful. There are so many who do not have any of what you do have and take for granted.

I wondered about in the forests and along the rivers and looked at awe at the majestic mountains and reflected on all that was and is and will be.

It occurred to me that our proximity to nature and what is natural, is what has allowed us to live rich lives. Perhaps not rich in the western sense. But certainly in the sense that we have abundant food and whatever else we need to provide for our loved ones.

We have all that is provided for by nature and we have one another. We have natural protection. Our forests, rivers, valleys, oceans, mountains, savannas and swam lands are all intricately intertwined in a natural protective structure to protect all that live in it and with it and from it.

It is a natural protective shield against that which are regular audits carried out by the endorsement of nature…be they cyclones or floods or a plague.

My forest instincts, the natural senses we are still fortunate to have, that many have already lost, tells me that we are protected by this natural protective system that we have taken for granted.

Could it be the reason why we were hardly touched by covid19? I am no scientist, no expert on diseases and the human body and its functions, but my instincts tell me it is so.

My instincts also tell me that it could why those nations that have drifted so far away from their natural environment and built unnatural surrounds and promoted the consumption of all that was processed and embraced essentially what was an unnatural life are suffering therefore?

Could it be that those of us who have not strayed too far from our natural world have thus the protection of that world? It makes sense to me. Our immune systems are robust because of the natural world we live it.

Our immune systems are robust because they are tested regularly and fortified frequently by interaction with the rich soil we have come from, dust to dust and all the ingredients of life found in every cubic millimeter of the fertile land we were blessed to have..then there is the consumption of a variety of natural foods delivered by the natural world we have lived in without modifying severely.

Stress levels are manageable and are natural, fight or flight situations are presented in real time and addressed and managed until absolved and not the constant continuous perceived stress that floods the minds and beings of those who live deep in the unnatural world created by humanity obsessed with profit and materialism and who not only have to face physical flight or fight situations but that which is perceived by the mind thus ensuring a steady flow of stress hormones from mere perceptions.

A simple meal in my home consists of everything that is natural, constant and consistent and continuous supply of nutrients that are natural and needed. A simple meal in an urban setting is often barely natural and consists largely of that which is unnatural and saturated with chemicals designed to ensure you return and purchase and not necessarily that which is for your well-being…refined sugar and such products for instance…

You really are what you eat it is said…

You eat natural and you are natural, your thoughts are thus natural. You eat unnatural, say processed foods, and you cannot help but be a processed person…thus would your thoughts be…unnatural..and decisions would therefore also be unnatural decisions…influenced perhaps largely by the various man made chemicals and not by the natural chemicals found in natural foods. Natural man fast replaced by unnatural man.

One wonders.

Yes I am certain it is our natural surrounds that protect us. We survive and have thrived because of it. But we have taken it all for granted.

And. It is also said that we only realize the value of something when it is lost. Well we are fast losing this natural environment that ensured our survival for thousands of years. It has done us no wrong. It has never let us down. Yet. The very protection system of who and what we are…we have eagerly sought to dismantle…and replace with what is unnatural..for 30 pieces of silver.

And there is a price to pay. There is always a price when you shift from the natural to the unnatural. Just ask civilizations and empires past. History is indeed instructive. Not that we seem to be taking notes and learning.

Perhaps we have escaped paying this time…but the next time and times after that…we will be too far removed from our natural world..and indeed it may all be gone…carted off on log ships and cargo ships and everything but concrete and gray including our hearts and lungs and the skies and our decisions too..all unnatural.



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