Are you are leader or an influencer in Papua New Guinea? Are you a ward councilor? Are you an aspiring leader in your ward, district, province and nation at large? Do you have a vision? What are your short term and long term goals and plans? Mr. Peter Babul shared his visions and plans of what he desired to accomplish if he becomes a ward councilor, or a LLG president, or a member of parliament, or a governor, or a prime minister over the next 5 years in Papua New Guinea. Read till the end to catch some inspirations if you are an aspiring leader of the society.


by Peter Babul | Digital Story Teller.


If I were a Ward Councilor for a 5 Year Term, my main Goal would be to establish a Public Accountability System. In other Words, I'd create a Reporting System, primarily a Facebook Page that uploads Daily Updates, Weekly Bulletins, Monthly Newsletters, Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports.

My Schedule would be simple. The Ward Recorder and I will go around doing visits and meetings with the following groups:

Monday: Clan/Community Leaders

Tuesday: Women Associations

Wednesday: Youth Associations (Boys)

Thursday: Youth Associations (Girls)

Friday: Schools & Churches

The Main Objective of doing all these visits is to assist all to establish their Accountability Systems. Basically assisting all to create their Facebook Pages and also be accountable to their members and shareholders.

The Agendas of those meetings will be to get updates on the following:

1. Natural Resource Development

2. Human Resource Development

3. Business Development

4. Review Outstanding Actions

5. Critical/Major Task Review

6. Cost

7. Contractors

8. Support Services

9. Materials/Parts

10. Sub Committees Updates

Almost all Wards in PNG have 5 Renewal Resources...

1. Agriculture

2. Fisheries

3. Forestry

4. Tourism

5. Human Resource

There's a lot we can do in a Country Rich in Resources with Smartphones packed with knowledge. We just need to stop looking down upon ourselves and start seeing ourselves as Resource Developers and Managers placed here by God to manage his Planet.

Now going back to our Resource Development Meetings, Land Issues will be our Major Hurdle. So we will start with areas that have no disputes, mainly each person's blocks. We will focus on Standard Operation Procedures, Post Harvest Operations & Marketing using Facebook.

In terms of Human Resource Development we will focus on channeling everything into Employment & Entrepreneurship Opportunities under each of those industries or outside of the Community. A Database will be set up & Volunteering Opportunities will be created to give everyone Exposure, Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Track Record that they can use to beef up their Resume.

Financing shouldn't be a Problem. We shall focus on getting ILGs and Land Titles and then we will use Real Estate Development and convert all Land Owners into Real Estate Managers. A piece of 20x15 Property is around K500,000 on the market so having 100 Allotments on 5 hectares of Land is already money in the bank that we can play with. Land Owners just need to know how to play at that level. So it will be our job to educate them during those visits.

Anyways, we live in a Country Rich in Resources Resources. And a Mandated Public Servant has all of these at his/her disposal. We just need to stop looking down upon ourselves and our people and start seeing everyone as Resource Developers and all these will be possible. That's what I'd do as a Ward Councilor & I'll keep you all posted on the Page.


Your Servant

What do you think?

What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea.
Peter Babul - Digital Storyteller, Papua New Guinea


If I were an LLG President the first thing I'd do is Empower all my Ward Councilors to create a System that cares about everyone and checks on everyone.

To ensure that, I'd see to it that all Councilors will have their K5000 commitment be made available and the K500,000 commitment for the LLG will also be made available.

However, with that Financial Injection I will see to it that all Ward Councilors will get the following:
1. Smartphone
2. Laptops
3. Projector
4. Boom Box

The Purpose of investing in such is to ensure what was stated in the previous Article. All Ward Councilors must establish a Public Accountability System as well as an information dissertation system through Workshops in the Wards using those equipment. They will also have a Facebook Page that uploads the following:
1. Daily Updates
2. Weekly Bulletins
3. Monthly Newsletters
4. Quarterly Reports
5. Annual Reports

With my capacity in Social Media Management I will provide Workshops for Ward Councilors that will teach them how to use their Phones, Laptops and Projectors to keep the Public Updated in the Wards and on their Facebook Page so that all Wards in my LLG will be fully transparent and accountable to the People.

Now as stated in the previous article, almost all Wards have the following resources at their disposal:
1. Agriculture
2. Fisheries
3. Forestry
4. Tourism
5. Human Resources

In addition to that, some LLGs have Gold, Oil and Gas including other minerals.

Now in terms of Renewable Resources, all LLGs should be exporting already. If you add up all the resources in all the Wards in the LLG, we could already be filling up containers and shipping them across the planet. So having said that, we will establish an LLG Supply Chain. Especially for Rural LLGs. The key is basically to have a Database & Directory containing phone numbers of everyone in the LLG.

We generally need a System that actually cares about people & checks on everyone using this Directory.

In addition to that, this Directory can be used to communicate, coordinate & mobilize all resources in the LLG to reach any market on the Planet.

With this LLG Supply Chain Model, everyone in all Wards in the LLG should be a Supplier of a Product or Service and all this information on who supplies what should be made available to the Public via the LLG and most probably the LLG Website.

Now going back to the Directory, it will be activated as such:

The LLG President will always check on Ward Councilors. The Ward Councilor will always check on all Clan Leaders. The Clan Leaders will always check on all Family Heads. And the Family Heads will always check on all Family Members. This is to ensure that everyone's Welfare is in check and the Supply Chain is reliable.

All LLGs in PNG have the potential to be exporting Container loads of Resources. We just need to activate this LLG Supply Chain. And this is what I'd do as an LLG President in a 5 Year Term.

What do you think?

What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea.
Peter Babul - Digital Storyteller, Papua New Guinea


If I were a Member of Parliament with Trillions of Kina worth of Resources at my disposal with a K50 million budget stretched over a 5 year term, I will Primarily focus on running Workshops in every Ward in my District.

The Purpose of using this strategy is that, K10 million is not enough to develop the entire District in 1 year. So the strategy is to facilitate Resource Development Workshops and Human Resource Development Workshops to enable the entire population in the District to be able to tap into the trillions of Kina worth of Renewable Resources we have in our District.

Small Small Operations for Gold, Oil, Gas and other minerals can also be developed.

Alright then, the First Workshop will invest in Social Media Management. This will equip and empower all Ward Councilors on how to use their Smartphone, Laptop, Projector and Boom Box for information dissemination and to establish their Facebook Page for the Public Accountability System as stated in the two previous Articles. This is to ensure that our District will be fully transparent on all fronts so when we do what we do in every Ward, the Public will be fully updated.

The Payoff of this first Workshop is that Ward Councilors will be empowered to produce the following:
1. Daily Updates
2. Weekly Bulletins
3. Monthly Newsletters
4. Quarterly Reports
5. Annual Reports

The Second Workshop will be the Resource Development Workshop. The Purpose of this Workshop is to empower the Office Bearers of every Tribe, Clan and Association in each and every Ward in the District on how to use their Mandated Roles to facilitate meetings that will Empower their Members on how to Develop the Natural Resources and Human Resources currently at their disposal.

The Payoff of this Second Workshop is that Members of every association in the District will know how to invest their Time, Money and Resources to design Industries. With that they will produce and Market Products and Services on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms in our 5 Renewal Resource Industries:
1. Agriculture
2. Fisheries
3. Forestry
4. Tourism
5. Human Resources

In the Third Workshop, the DDA will focus on Human Resource Development. This Workshop will empower every Adult in the District to be able to serve as an Employee or as an Entrepreneur in the District. No one will be left behind. Each & every Adult in the District will be trained on how to do Business Development and Project Development so they can have equal participation on all Resource Development Projects in the District under the 5 Industries as stated above.

The Payoff of this Workshop is that, everyone in the District will be an Asset not a Liability.

All this is to increase our Internal Revenue. Then we'll have the money to invest in Infrastructure & other Social Services.

This is what I'd do to develop the trillions of Kina worth of Resources in my District in a 5 Year Term if I was a Member of Parliament.

What do you think?

What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea.
Peter Babul - Digital Storyteller, Papua New Guinea


If I were I were a Governor, the Purpose of my 5 Year Term will be to do ONE Thing. BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU. That's right. To see to it that with the collaboration of all MPs, LLG Presidents, Councilors, Clan Leaders, Community Leaders and all Parents. Our Collaborative job in a 5 year term will be to bring out the best in you. And this will bring out the best in the Province.

Now as Stated in the previous 3 Articles, Wards Councilors are supposed to establish a Public Dissemination and Public Accountability System on Facebook and in the Community. LLG Presidents are supposed to establish an LLG Supply Chain to have all LLGs exporting Container loads of Resources. And all MPs are supposed to Finance Workshops that will enable all in all Districts to be Assets. To be Employed and Entrepreneurs. And it is up to me as the Governor, to see to it that this entire system is fully functional.

Now as stated in the previous Article all Districts are blessed with Trillions of Kina worth of Resources. And the Purpose of the system is to bring out the best in all Districts in the Province. Now the Job of the Governor is to bring out the best in You using this system. So what do I mean by that?

Let me put it this way. The Job of your Parents is to bring out the best in You. So they'll send you to school, provide home training, Guidance and discipline, all with one Purpose in mind, to bring out the best in you, and turn you into an Independent Asset, while they are still alive. And whether you realize it or not, YOU are the most important Asset in the Province. That's it. YOU. The one reading this including everyone in your network. But the question is, are you HUNGRY enough to bring out the best in yourself over the next 5 Year Period??? Because if you are, then this Government is ready to do that. Because YOU are the most important Resource in the Province.

So here's the deal. All Parents, all Councilors, All Presidents, and all MPs have only One Goal for this next 5 years. To bring out the best in the Province by bringing out the best in You. We are basically going to set up the entire system to support your Parents main role. To bring out the best in You. And if everyone follows everything as stated in the previous 3 Articles, this is exactly what's going to happen. And this Government will see to it that this entire system is fully functional and fully automated.

Alright, so where do we start???

Let me give you the lay of the land. The Government has 10 Divisions. And all these Divisions must bring out the best in You:
1. Education
2. Health
3. Community Development
4. Sports, Tourism and Culture
5. Mining, Oil & Gas
6. Law & Policy
7. Natural Resources & Environment
8. Information & Database
9. Works & Infrastructure
10. Personnel Management

So. Cooperate with your parents, employers & this system, always give feedback & bring out the best in You. Do we have a Deal?

This is what I'd do as a Governor.

What do you think?

What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea.
Peter Babul - Digital Storyteller, Papua New Guinea


If I were a Prime Minister I'd focus on one thing...


That would be the Only Vision for this Government. To have 800 Independent Tribes. That's what the Constitution and the 8 Point Plan set out to do since 1975 but all successive Governments have been distracted for almost 50 years now.

And how do we achieve that Vision???

Well go back to the Mission set out for all Governors stated in the previous Article... Bring out the best in each and every Province in the Country over the next 5 years by bringing out the best in every individual in the Province through effective Government and Parent Partnership.

Imagine what would this Country would be like if all 10 million of us put our foot down and decided to bring out the best in ourselves within the next 5 years.

Imagine a Country with 10 million Assets. All either Employed or Entrepreneurs.

And imagine if all Members of Parliament actually Invested in that system that empowered that one most important resource in the Province. YOU. The Profitable You.

Imagine if all LLGs in the Country activated their LLG Supply Chains and each and every LLG in the Country was exporting Container loads of Resources and Products?

And imagine if all Ward Councilors actually kept us fully informed and updated on all these activities happening around the Country on their Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page???

Papua New Guinea will definitely be a force to reckon with.

Now these are all not just dreams. These are all Practical Strategies. And all it needs is Execution. Especially from the Personal level. Each and every one of us. From Villager to Prime Minister. Making an actual 5 Year commitment to grow, be profitable and succeed with a very supportive Government on that commitment.

This Country is Rich. Rich in Natural Resource and Human Resources. And all 800 Tribes of PNG are rich. They just need a Government that's purposely set up to process the Natural Resources & Human Resources in all these Tribes and bring out the best in every Tribe within a 5 Year Term.

Imagine this, 800 Tribes with their own Trust account, generating their own money and developing their own Citizens and Villages. It's possible. We just need to make the commitment. Commit to bring out the best in YOU, your family, Clan and Tribe. Make that your 5 Year Plan.

Now as the Prime Minister I would facilitate and see to it that the following is established for each and every Tribe in the Country over the next 5 years:

1. A Book about the Tribe
2. A Website about the Tribe
3. A Documentary about the Tribe
4. A Foundation for the Tribe
5. A Corporate Entity for the Tribe
6. One ILG over the whole Tribe
7. Investor Partnerships

All 10 million of us in this Resource Rich Country simply need to see ourselves as Business Developers and Resource Managers and we will definitely be fruitful.

What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea.
Peter Babul - Digital Storyteller, Papua New Guinea

What do you think?

WEEKLY REVIEW (April 16-23)

And so I decided to write a 5 Part series on "If I were a Ward Councilor, LLG President, Member of Parliament, Governor and Prime Minister. And the feedback has been great both from local and international connections. A number of you pointed out that it was easier said than done. Some saw that these ideas were totally practical. And some wanted to take them on board.

Now the Purpose of that series was simple, all 10 million of us in this Country can and should have a 5 Year Plan to become somebody, from 2022 to 2027. We should see ourselves as Profitable Assets in this Country with our Parents and the Government of the day supporting that Journey. That's the VISION. So the question is, are you hungry enough to become Self-reliant and Financially Independent by 2027???

Our Mission is simply, Bring out the best in You over the next 5 years.

And how do you do that?


Remember the illustration given by Jesus in Matthew 25:14-27 about the 5 Talents??? He gave talents to everyone and he was pleased with those that made Profit with their talents. But he was definitely displeased with the one who didn't make Profits. So the question is, does our Bank Account show our Profits? Are we living Profitable lives? If not then are we committed over the next 5 years to become Profitable? Imagine if all 10 million of us in this Country were Profitable Assets.

There's only two paths that we can end up in life. Employed or Self-employed. And in both instances we need to be Profitable. And to do so we need to have an Entrepreneurial Mind and Spirit. An Entrepreneurial lifestyle actually. The opposite of that is having a Poverty Mindset.

The difference between the two is, if both were given K1000 each, one would invest it, the other with spend it all. Whether Employed or Self-employed. The Question is, which one is YOU?

My late Mom was Profitable. She left school at Grade 6 to raise her siblings but she could turn K50 into a K1000 within 6 months in any situation, any location no matter what. Her Perspective on Money and Business is so healthy that I envied her. Her Mindset is a Model this Whole Country should emulate.

Hence, this was totally the Purpose of the 5 Part Series. To encourage all 10 million of us to bring out the best in YOU and the Province, be Transparent and be Profitable within the next 5 years. It's a decision. It's a commitment. It should be our Purpose in Life actually. And we should be passionate about it like my Mom.

The PASSION to Progress, Grow and become Profitable should be something all 10 million of us should cultivate in our hearts no matter who becomes the next Prime Minister, Governor, Member, President or Councilor. And we have a Country Rich in Resources with Smartphones packed with knowledge to become anything.

So apart from Reviewing this Government in this Coming Elections, Review Yourself. I believe if You vote a better YOU, this Country will make Profit.

What do you think?

What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea.
Peter Babul - Digital Storyteller, Papua New Guinea


Subject: Let's Set Our Roadmap

Dear family,

I hate the term "Illiterate".

I also hate the terms "uneducated" and "poor country".

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth full of Potential and He saw that everything was Good, and yet there are some of us who see others as Poor, Illiterate and Uneducated.

Look, just because Colonizers used this false Narratives to make you feel Poor in a Resource Rich Country so they can trick you and plunder your resources doesn't mean we should mimic those same lies. We are Rich and full of potential. We just need to cultivate & process that potential.

We have to change these Narratives.

All 800+ Tribes of PNG & all its people have one thing that we should all focus on…


And it is this potential we can cultivate and process in everyone and everything over the next 5 years.

Forget all the false Narratives, just focus on cultivating our Potential. Bring out the best in You and your Tribes.

Now having said all of these, I see that we are a Country with Trillions of Kina worth of Resources but heavily distracted by false Narratives for almost 50 years from cultivating our full potential. And even YOU may be distracted for many years from cultivating your full potential. This needs to change now.

So the strategy is simply. Let's register and Empower all 800+ Tribes in PNG as Land Owners Associations. Then we cultivate their Potential through Industrial Design and Social Engineering. Basically Business Development. And to achieve all that, we need one thing. A Roadmap.

Alright, to establish a Roadmap for the 800+ Tribes of PNG, we need 3 things:

  1. Vision that's simply & adaptable
  2. Mission that's simple & adaptable
  3. Strategy that's simple & adaptable

So here's what I'm going to do and I'm going to keep you all posted.

  1. Visit the Tribes of PNG
  2. Produce Daily Updates
  3. Publish Reviews from those Visits

It seems to me over the next 5 years is that, we need Register all 800+ Tribes of PNG and establish their Industries.

So recently I've visited a Tribe in the Watabung Rural LLG of Daulo District in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea to do an Assessment and work with a Team to established their Association, Businesses and several Industries. And despite the challenges, the response and cooperation has been great. It's possible that we will be establishing one of many good models in the Country.

It appears that while we have 800+ Tribes in the Country that should be registered Land Owners Associations since 1975 based on the 8 Point Plan & the Constitution, each of our Tribes still haven't done that yet. And PNG is almost 50 years old now.

So regardless of who becomes the next Ward Councillor, LLG President, Member of Parliament, Governor, and Prime Minister, this should be the focus for every Tribe in PNG over the next 5 years.

Let's register all 800+ Tribes and fully establish their Industries.

What do you think?

Leaders of Papua New Guinea. What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea in the next 5 years when you given a leadership role?
Peter Babul


Subject: Let's Build Automated Business Systems over the next 5 years

Dear Reader,

Alright in this Article, there's a Problem I want to highlight here and an opportunity that I think you might be interested in.

The Problem is this, almost all Clans including your Clan in Papua New Guinea are rich with…

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fisheries
  3. Forestry
  4. Tourism
  5. Human Resources

… but the majority of these Land Owner Associations are poor. Many are literally poor in this Rich Country while foreigners are able to come into this Country, see the Opportunities, Invest in them and get the Return on Investment.

So the opportunity is this, You and I have the opportunity to become an "Investor" and Empower our Clans and turn them into fully automated, Profitable Entities in these 5 Renewal Resource Industries.

We simply need to invest in getting the Office Bearers of these Associations to become fully transparent Developers and CEOs. And all you need to do, is follow my Journey over the next 5 years and emulate my Model and provide feedback using this Platform. Just see if I'm doing it right and try to do better.

The Payoff is this, you and I can own Fully Automated Business Systems that will keep us posted on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Basis.

And in addition to that, all members of our Clan can become Passionate, Self-sustaining and Profitable Entrepreneurs. How does that sound?

Now granted, many Communuties are riddled with Land Owner issues, Law & Order Issues and Corruption. But if we focus on that, the Chinese will still come in and grab opportunities. So we need cultivate more action and less worrying.

Alright, for the Model, here's what I did recently. I have made a committment to give K10,000 to my Clan Association. I've already given K2500 and next month I'll be investing another K2500. My dad Neko Babul happens to be the Chairman of our Land Owner Association and Land Owner Company.

So here's the deal, from these Investments and possibly more, each member of the Clan can borrow K500 to start anything. And the condition is this, they have to report on every Weekly Clan Meeting on Saturday their Progress Report and Financial Reports until they repay K600 to our Investment Company. And the Meeting Minutes must be sent to me every Week. That's the Deal. And once one member repays their K600, this then becomes available to others to borrow.

With this Model, the K10,000 I've invested eventually becomes my investment in our Land Owner Investment Company. I'm not interested in a repayment, just my dividends at the end of the Financial Year.

So because this Investment now becomes money that belongs to the Investment Company, Members will do their own checks and balances every Saturday. And the Meeting Minutes gets sent to us. That's how this Automated Business System is established.

This is the Model I've come up with and I'll keep you posted on that.

What do you think?

Leaders of Papua New Guinea. What are Your Plans and Visions to Lead the Simple People of Papua New Guinea in the next 5 years when you given a leadership role?
Peter Babul


Subject: Let's establish the Floriculture Industry

Dear Reader,

If you are currently unemployed then I'd like to encourage you to use that smartphone in your hand to support Women's Associations and SMEs by running their Ads and doing their Business Development.

If you are currently employed then invest in Women's Associations and SMEs especially in investing in a Good Quality Smartphone, Facebook Page and Facebook Ads and get them to be great at Business Development. This will get them off the ground.

If you are one those Self-employed Women SMEs, invest in Facebook Ads, Business Development and consistent follow ups.

Technology has made it so easy now to do Business especially Smartphones and Social Media. So make full use of it.

I've had my fair share of working with Women's Groups. Now back in 2011 when I was a fresh Graduate out of University, I tried to assist a Woman's Association established my mother's in Munum Village called "Afi Yanel" (meaning Foreign Women in the Wampar Language).

At that time "Bris Kanda" a local NGO and investment partner lo local Associations tried it's best to work with Women's Associations and assist them in their Agricultural Projects. And one of their Aims was to establish the Floriculture Industry and export tropical flowers to New Zealand. But that's easier said than done. And eventually, we didn't achieve that Goal. Even to this day. So what were the technical issues???

Well just like any other Agriculture Industry in the Country, People will continue to say that it all boils down to Quality and Quantity. But no matter how many times we say those two words, we seem to always have those two issues unresolved.

So what's really the problem in this Country? How do we establish the Floriculture Industry? Do we not have enough Land in the Country? Do we not have enough suppliers? Do we not have enough Training? Are we lacking a Successful Model? Value Chain? Market?

Alright let's go back to my Business Case with my mothers at Afi Yanel Women's Association to gain some insight. Now first of all, I was a University Graduate with no idea on how to establish any industry in this Country. My mothers believed in me but I lacked the technicalities. So first of all, I'd say, equip all Students in this Country as Industrial Designers and Social Engineers.

Secondly, let's talk about Quality and Quantity.

In terms of Quality, no matter what the industry is, Mothers must be taught Post Harvest Operations, ISO Standards and Packing and Labeling. I got friends in that capacity now who can assist but I didn't have that 10 years ago.

And in terms of Quantity, we need a Directory with the phone numbers of 100+ PASSIONATE Suppliers. One Agriculture Extension Officer can go around scouting for this Talent and create a network of suppliers. That's all.

So if we improve in these areas, I believe we can export to New Zealand and anywhere else in the world.

What do you think?

Peter Babul


Subject: Activate your Potential & Be an Asset in your Community

Dear Youths,

Just like this Planet, you are full of potential. Potential to be Good Great & to be an Asset in your Community.

You have a God, King and Angels above you, a District Rich in Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Tourism and Human Resources. You got Land, Family and Clan Leaders. You got a smartphone in your hand with so much knowledge. You are literally a walking Resource Person.

You have SMEs that need your help in Business Development. Clan Leaders, Ward Councillor, Presidents, MPs, Governments and Associations that need your help.

Even Investors with Millions need your help. For even though they have lots of money, they still need someone PASSIONATE who will drive their Vision, Mission and KPIs on Ground. Even God needs that too. And you are right there on the Ground, in the Communuties, who can make things happen.

You simply need to know how to connect all the dots. How to position yourself within any given 24 hour period to cultivate all these potential and make things happen. So how do you start?

Be a Business Developer.

Someone who has the spirit of a CEO. Someone who can email, call, meet, execute, Report back, and declare Profit. Such a Person is an Asset to any Community. You can support many Businesses and build them up. And how do you do that?


Personality is the key. A Christlike Personality with Agape Standards.

Just like every Raw Material in this Country that needs proper Processing, Packaging and Labeling in order to meet International Standards before it gets sold to the high end market, so do You.

Try this: Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and ask this question:

Is this the Personality and Story I want to package and give to my Clients or does it need improving?

That's your Product. YOU. That's how you should think and feel. That's how you should package yourself. For if it's a Story, Personality and Routine worth emulating by others, then that's what this Country needs.

So the next Question is, do you know of a Successful Model? What was his/her impact? And how can we emulate that?

The key is to have an internal dialogue that gives you Gratitude, Peace, Hope, Love, Passion and engagement. And all these should make you feel abundant every day. To feel like an Asset to everyone in your Community. Because the Problem is, this world wants you to cultivate an Envious Scarcity Mindset. But we need an Abundance Mindset.

You are an Asset to Investors.

And Investors are always on the lookout.

"For the eyes of Jehovah are roving about through all the earth to show his strength in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him."- 2 Chronicles 16:9

Right now, today, an Investor needs You to execute their Vision, Mission and KPIs.

PS: Feel free to drop questions below if you want me to elaborate on anything mentioned here.

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