What is the difference between Job and Work? Job is defined as “an activity that an individual performs in exchange for a specific fee or payment.” It is also referred to as an occupation, profession, career, or trade. It is a responsibility of an individual towards his employer that he must perform well because he is paid for it. A job is an activity that an individual performs in exchange for payment while work is an activity that an individual performs in order to produce or accomplish something. Read more here.

Work Will Give You Wealth But Your Job Will Give You Salary– Dr. Myles Munroe

God never said to be seedful, He said, “be fruitful”. Seed precedes fruit. God is saying produce fruit! He did not say we should produce seed, which means God has already concluded, “you are carrying seed”.

There is something you are carrying!

job and work


A lady came to my office crying, she was so depressed. She said, “pastor, I just got fired from my job and I have three children.

How am I going to feed them? In my hand is my last paycheck, what am I suppose to do?

She was there weeping and I looked and I smiled. She said, “how can you be smiling when my whole family just got canceled?”

I asked her, “have you finished”, she said, “yes, pastor”

I said, “I know you, you been coming to this church a long time. Do you have an oven in your house?” she said, “yes”.

I said, “how many times do you use your oven in a week?” she said, “once”.

I asked her if she has any flour in the house and she said “yes”.

I asked her if she remembers those cookies she made for me and she said “yes”.

Then, I told her to go and buy the ingredients, she made those cookies from with her last paycheck and I want you to make cookies and take it back to the same hotel she got fired from and give everybody free cookies. If you obey me, you will succeed.

So, she left my office, I prayed for her, prayed over the check. She went to the food store to get the ingredients and made cookies.

She went to the hotel and gave everybody free cookies and they were shocked to see her in the hotel premises. She said, “I came here to tell you all thanks”.

Two days later, she called me, “Pastor Myles, I got an order for 15 dozen cookies”. The following week she got an order for 25 dozen and a year later she had employed 12 people and 1000 cookies every month.

2 years later, she had a factory and today she is a multimillionaire.

One day, she came to see me and she was dressed really sharp in a suit with a bag in her hand. She said, “pastor, I came to tell you thanks and also thank God for firing me”.

Thank you for letting me see that my gift was always in me and it was buried under a job

job and work

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