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PNG Woman Completing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry at the age of 30

Papua New Guinea Woman Completing Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry at the age of 30.

By Dr Yalinu Poya, Ph.D. (Chemist) | 21 August 2021.

I set a goal at 12 years old to complete a Bachelor, Masters and Doctor of Philosophy in my favourite subject Chemistry. I worked hard with the leading, guidance, wisdom, strength and help of God Almighty.

It was by the grace of God alone that helped me to achieve these goals, completing my Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry at the age of 30 years old.

My parents have guided, mentored, and raised me instilling me with the character of discipline, hard work, obedience and perseverance. Everything I achieve in this life is solely dedicated to my father and mother.

By God’s grace I had a colourful journey, scientific publications, 18 honours and awards which include 3 global awards and 1 national award all for scientific excellence.

In addition I received recognition from the Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Scottish Funding Council, Society of Chemical Industries, the United Nations, and United States White House veterans which include former US Secretary Dr. Condoleeza Rice.

I was due to graduate from the University of Glasgow with my PhD in Chemistry specialising in Catalysis in the summer of 2020 but due to the COVID pandemic, graduation was cancelled and our degree parchments were mailed to us.

The University of Glasgow has followed guidelines set by the government and has recently decided to call us the Class of 2020 forward for Graduation Celebrations.

Unfortunately my hardworking parents, tupla hatwok manmeri, were unable to fly across from Papua New Guinea to be with me on this day because of COVID travel restrictions making travel impossible.

The only family I have with me here to celebrate my achievement is my darling husband Andrew. To all my teachers and mentors, my church family, friends who have contributed to my journey, a massive thank you.

A special thank you to my parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunties, grannies, and my father’s people of Pangia, Southern Highlands and my mother’s people from Banz, Jiwaka Province. I am so grateful to God for everything and I am humbled by his immense blessings.

PNG Woman in higher education
Dr Yalinu Poya

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