Rich and Powerful People Above Justice System in Papua New Guinea

By Hon. Allan Bird, Governor of East Sepik Province


It seems rich and powerful people in PNG cannot be touched by our Justice system.

They can hire the best lawyer, money can buy while police prosecutors are living in the settlements.

Even when the Police Prosecutors are good at their job well the workers in the courts help the rich and the powerful to get away by robbing the future of our children through defective court documents. All this works to support rich, powerful and evil people.

It seems that there is no place in PNG for good, decent and honest people. Only the rich and powerful and evil people can get ahead in PNG. This is not a good sign.

I urge all good PNGans to rise up, take back our country from the evil that has taken hold of our nation. As evil continues to win, good people will continue to lose hope. This is happening already.

Let’s beat evil together. Don’t let them win. If we all give up and give in, if evil people continue to win and there is no justice, who will be left to fight for what is right?

Now is the time to fight. While there is still a chance. While good people still feel confident to fight. When all confidence is lost, PNG will be lost too.

(Source: The Sunday Bulletin)



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