By HON. BELDEN NORMAN NAMAH, MP Leader of the Opposition


(Michael J Passingan reported) | 30th July 2020.


Prime Minister James Marape has been told to refrain from lying to the public and to bring to justice criminal elements in the Office of the Prime Minister who assaulted a Processed Server of Young and Williams Lawyers last week.

“Mr Marape has had the audacity to release a media statement claiming that his staff never assaulted an officer from Young and Williams Lawyers who was serving a legal document on the Prime Minister.

“Mr Marape is a pathological liar. I personally had the interview with 69 year old Pala Wagula and I trust his story against Marape’s. James Marape has been lying to the country ever since he purportedly became Prime Minister.

“The document he was seeking to serve on Mr Marape is a copy of the Supreme Court Application which I filed last week challenging the purported election of Mr James Marape as Prime Minister on May 30 last year.

“It is a legal requirement that the papers be served directly on the person concerned and not to anybody else. If the Prime Minister is unaware of this simple fact, then I am telling him that this is the normal and accepted requirements of service.

“This is what the process server was doing when he got assaulted. Why was he assaulted? Is the Prime Minister now thinking of avoiding the law completely? Has he become a law unto himself?

“Marape has lied shamelessly many times before. He sacked his Deputy Prime Minister overnight and even gazetted the fact. When the fact was leaked on social media he panicked and called it “fake news”.

“We knew it was a fact because he caused to be published a follow up gazette revoking his earlier decision.

“He lied again when he told the nation that he was resigning from the O’Neill government because he did not like the actions of Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari. Now he is Prime Minister, Mr Marape is keeping Mr Lupari, even well beyond his legal term of office.

“Marape lied when a secret ballot taken at Laguna Hotel voted Hon. Patrick Pruaitch as that camp’s candidate for Prime Minister. Mr Marape prayed over that and then in the middle of the night he decamped and went over to Mr O’Neill and made another deal. Weeks and months later he went back on his deal with PNC Party and kicked them out of government.

Can James Marape be trusted for his words? I say NO.

“Now the same man is lying again to cover up for the criminal deeds of his officers.

“No assault of any sort should ever be entertained in the highest office in the land.

“That office should be a bastion of civil behaviour, common decency, common courtesy, decorum, good manners and proper protocol.

“I call upon Mr Marape, his Police Minister Bryan Kramer and his Police Commissioner to bring to justice the officers concerned and do it publicly to reassure Papua New Guineans that the high office of the Prime Minister has not been turned into a haven for hooligans with tribal instincts.

“I further call upon law-abiding men like the Deputy Prime Minister Davis Steven, Petroleum Minister Kerenga Kua and others to distance themselves from such acts or leave government before their good names are dragged down too.”

HON. BELDEN NORMAN NAMAH, MP Leader of the Opposition



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