By Kramer Report | 01 June, 2020.


Yesterday, the former Opposition Leader and suspended Member for Vanimo Green, Belden Namah issued a press statement in response to last Friday’s Supreme Court’s ruling, that he remained suspended and dismissed his proceedings challenging the election of Prime Minister James Marape.

In the same statement Namah tries to explain his service to the country, fighting in the Bougainville conflict, deporting the sandline mercenaries, how he was found guilty for munity and sentenced to 6 years in jail.

He goes on to say “fortunately” he was pardoned by the Queen of England in 2005.

It begs the question why would her Majesty the Queen of England “fortunately” pardon a convicted person of mutiny halfway across the planet in a country called Papua New Guinea?

The answer it she didn’t. It appears Namah deliberately left out the fact it was Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare who pardoned him.

After Somare Government pardoned Namah he was invited to contest 2007 election under Somare’s National Alliance Party. He won the election and was appointed to a senior Ministry in Somare’s Government.

So it appears Namah went from being a convicted criminal to being pardoned, a Member of Parliament and Minister for State all because of Somare. The very person Namah illegally removed from office while Somare was on his death bed in Singapore.

When Somare regained consciousness and returned to Parliament to challenge his removal, it was Namah who laughed at him calling him a stranger in the house.

The irony being Namah is now the stranger in the house of Parliament, he has lost the respect of a nation and may very much be on his way out of public office.

picutre: Belden Namah outside the Waigani Court House after losing his case.


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