Dr Yalinu Poya Gow FHEA Receives Broadcast Media Commentator Training from BBC Scotland

Dr Yalinu Poya Gow at the BBC Scotland News Reporting desk.(Picture: Dr Gow at the BBC Scotland Studio | Credit, Dr Gow)

Glasgow, March 8, 2024 – Dr Yalinu Poya Gow, a distinguished academic and advocate for sustainability and STEM education, has been selected as one of the 25 participants for the Broadcast Media Commentator Training organized by BBC Scotland. The training took place at the BBC Scotland studio in Glasgow, offering participants invaluable insights into becoming effective broadcast media commentators.

During the training session, Dr Gow received coaching from seasoned BBC journalists and producers on various aspects of media commentary, including presenting in interviews, participating in debates, and offering professional expertise and personal opinions on a wide range of topics and current affairs. Particularly, Dr Gow’s areas of interest, sustainability, climate change, research, and STEM education, were the focal points of the training.

Expressing her gratitude, Dr Gow extended thanks to BBC Scotland, Women in Journalism Scotland, and Pass the Mic Scotland for providing her with this unique opportunity. She also acknowledged her employer, the University of the West of Scotland, for recommending her for the training, highlighting the university’s commitment to supporting its faculty members in professional development endeavors.

As an esteemed academic with a passion for sustainability and STEM education, Dr Gow’s participation in the Broadcast Media Commentator Training holds significant promise for both BBC Scotland and its audience. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas, she is poised to make meaningful contributions to the BBC’s coverage of topics related to sustainability, climate change, research, and STEM education.

Dr Gow’s involvement in the training reflects BBC Scotland’s commitment to diversifying its pool of expert commentators and ensuring that a wide range of voices and perspectives are represented in its programming. By equipping Dr Gow with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as a media commentator, BBC Scotland is taking proactive steps to enhance the quality and depth of its coverage on critical issues facing society today.

Moving forward, Dr Gow’s newfound expertise as a broadcast media commentator will enable her to engage with audiences across television and radio platforms, offering insights and analysis that are informed by her academic background and research experience. As she embarks on this exciting journey, audiences can expect to see and hear Dr Gow contributing to discussions on sustainability, climate change, research, and STEM education, enriching public discourse and fostering greater awareness and understanding of these important topics.

Dr Gow’s participation in the Broadcast Media Commentator Training signifies a significant milestone in her career and underscores the importance of collaboration between academia and media organizations in advancing public understanding of complex issues. With her passion, expertise, and dedication, Dr Gow is poised to make a positive impact on BBC Scotland and its audience, inspiring meaningful conversations and driving positive change in society.

Source: Dr Yalinu Poya Gow’s LinkedIn Post

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Dr Yalinu Poya Gow FHEA Receives Broadcast Media Commentator Training From BBC Scotland

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