UPNG Proferssor Dr. Topul Rali provides Papua New Guinea a solution to the COVID-19 Pandemic in this commentary.

There are two ways to combat this virus.

1. Vaccines and

2. By drugs

Because the virus was created in the lab, mankind was never exposed to such viruses. Constant exposure to viruses and bacteria helps man to develop immunity over time.

In this case, it became a pandemic in accordance with highly trained virologists who had a monetary issue for creating it in the first place.

That's why this virus is spreading fast because man does not have immunity hence the idea of injecting vaccines to train the body to release immune responses.

But how the vaccines are manufactured is where the dark hole is. Nobody including PNG doctors really understand how a company like Pfizer manufactures it vaccines.

The power of nanotechnology in drug delivery will become more profound in the next 3 to 5years. Nobody understands the role of graphene oxide or derivatives in some of the vaccines which to Christians in PNG carries 666, the mark of the beast.

Put simply, vaccines should not be forced on PNG citizens because they have FAILED even in advanced countries like Israel or USA.

The best solution for Papua New Guinea is not imported drugs like Avermectin which was developed by Prof's William Campell and Satoshi Omura who both got the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2015 as a pesticide for pest and parasitic worms in animals like sheep.

Singapore is now launching Molnupiravir, a synthetic drug manufactured by Merck. All these drugs are toxic to healthy cells n must follow prescription.

The solution for Papua New Guinea is a natural chemical compound called hopeaphenol, from a PNG tree which recently has been found to prevent the Covid viral spread by scientists collaborating from UPNG, Griffith Institute of Drug Discovery in Brisbane and the Wistar Institute in the USA.

Hopeaphenol is not toxic to human cells and can save lives if PNG scientists extract hopeaphenol and develop a local formulation to treat our patients. It will cost K4.5 million to extract hopeaphenol using advanced technologies to showcase this, then venture into commercial production for global drug distribution in partnership with WHO.

I wish I could have some of those Covid funds from the PNG government to do this. It will take 3 months to roll the action and that's why I personally favour drug treatment first by a drug produced in Papua New Guinea and for the world whilst "synthetic viruses" stimulate our bodies to develop immunity which will take time.

Prof. Topul Rali

Head of Chemistry

University of Papua New Guinea

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