This is a short inspiring story of Peterson Mathius who made near impossible journey a success. Originating from a tribal conflict zone Peter struggled through so much of discrimination from the community members. He got another severer blow of discrimination at Medical Faculty of the University of Papua New Guinea, which resulted in his forced withdrawal of MBBS program (by MedFac Administration). Peterson didn’t give up but he applied to Law School and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Law from University of Papua New Guinea in 2021. He is officially admitted as a Lawyer at the Waigani National Court to Practice Law in Papua New Guinea. Read words from Peterson Mathius himself below.

Journey of Peterson Mathius - Making the Impossible Possible in Papua New Guinea

By Peterson Mathius

When I was in 9th grade at High School, my elder sister passed on due to rare diabetic condition, Peterson writes.

My tribe was in tribal conflict with another tribe and in war when I was in my 11th and 12th grade. My family back in the village never settled well then which made my study bit hard;

I faced severe discrimination from my community, they didn't want me to go to school. They said I was only wasting my time and my parents resources that I will never make through and succeed but die anyway.

Despite the criticism, discrimination and the situation I faced under my condition, I made to UPNG after grade 12 national exam with Special recognition as Grade 12 Science Dux at Sir Tei Abal Secondary School;

I exceptionally done well in my Foundation year at UPNG and got accepted to undergo Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) study at UPNG Medical Faculty. For the moment I was a happy person then but I didn't expect what was coming;

I got another severe discrimination at Medical Faculty which resulted in withdrawal of MBBS program by force (by MedFac Administration). All my hopes and dreams of becoming Medical Doctor disappeared. Not only that I lost my hope but I also felt that few people who had little trust in my persistent turned away. I was in a situation unimaginable I didn't see coming;

But I didn't give up, and I assured my parents, I didn't lose myself and I have got me to try again and find my way out, I know myself and I have all me to keep pushing;

My community's opposition stood tough, even forcing my parents to give up. But I was their child, my father vowed to stand with me until his last breathe;

I reapplied to study law and got accepted and I proceeded to the program;

Another doom fall before me. I was in my third year, beginning of my second semester when my father took his last breathe and passed on. He said his last word, I took it and I didn't go to his funeral but continued my study.

My community again blamed me for my father's passing. The comments they made were so heinous but I kept silent and focus on my study.

I thought my final year would be tough without my father but KTF stepped in for me in 2020 and sponsored my study.

I eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from University of Papua New Guinea in 2021.

Thereafter, I had my postgraduate training at Legal Training Institute in 2021 among the best Law students. Financially, LTI was made possible by handful of angels in human form.

LTI recognized me for my performance and persistent and awarded with LTI Director's Award.

I was duly admitted as a Lawyer at the Waigani National Court to Practice Law in Papua New Guinea.

I accepted all odds, I didn't give up. I am happy where I am now.

My thanks to those who believed in me and stood with me. My special thanks to KTF.


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