Let us all continue to protect and respect our Judiciary.

By Prime Minister Hon. James Marape | 09 December 2020.

Good day PNGeans and all who have interest in what is happening in PNG.

Today our Supreme Court made it’s ruling on the matter Hon P O’Neill filed and I appeal to our citizens to respect the ruling of our High Court of our country.

They ruled in favor of Hon O’Neill’s Supreme Court reference.

Our country’s Judiciary is the better arm of government that is a fair place for all of us where any person or parties aggrieved can seek a readdress. So to all our public commentators, let us protect our Judiciary and refrain from unnecessarily making our own interpretations and inferences on our Judiciary.

Let us all continue to protect and respect our Judiciary.

And on politics may I inform the country, that every leader and political party has a right to bid for Prime Ministership and this play in parliament is nothing but a bid for someone to be PM.

Infact the last 18 months I have been managing politics since the minute PO accepted nominations to be PM again and the associated court cases that were running until this political upheaval.

Despite the unsettling political climate, there is no vacancy in the office of PM, the executive government is in place doing it’s work until proper parliamentary processes affirms or denounce my PMship.

To all citizens and public servants and business houses, don’t get caught up in this political fiasco. Let politicians manage politics.

And to my colleagues in Opposition, I appreciate your right to be in government and when the time is set, we will test the numbers on the floor of Parliament.

I am not going to resign as one or two opposition politicians has called out, there are no grounds for that. You claim you have the majority please produce that majority on the floor of parliament where it matters most and not in locked up hotels.

In the mean time , I am blessed in my life to have 55 Members of parliament who continue to give me their personal and people’s support.

These 55 MPs and other Leaders I know are Leaders whose soul cannot be bought or sold and I am proud to associate my self with this class of leaders.

So bring your Vote of no confidence motion on, name our Country’s alternate PM and let’s go on dealing with this matter, so our people can see who is our alternative PM.

At least the country deserves to know, who is the alternate PM. Why keeping it a secret even from your own 55 Members of Parliament.

To our people, please refrain from personalizing politics of politicians.

Let’s maintain calm and peace right around our country, Prime Ministership is not my birth right, we will go through the correct process.

In the meantime, let’s allow our Courts and Parliament to do its functions and you (citizens) can do yours in 2022 when the country goes to General Elections.






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