By Robert Iki Leso


Why do we allow Asians to take over PNG with fake products that are going to make us all fake? When I mean we are already fake, I mean our life expectancy will not be long. Our lives will be cut short with fake food that we are consuming.

We cannot continue to play games with our wealth, health, sovereignty and our children’s future. All these important national assets are in the hands of careless, reckless, money-hungry beasts. If all politicians and monitoring agents have become toothless dogs, how can our safety and security be guaranteed?

I have observed some of our hauskais, restaurants and bakeries owned by them have been stocked with overdue and spoil goods. Most of our people who are buying these stuff are illiterate and do not read bar codes and expiry dates.

Safety and health regulations are seriously not complied to prepare and preserve highly demanded food in their stores. As such, high blood pressure, heart attack and cancer have lately become killer diseases in our country and continue to accelerate.

They are taking over factories where PNG’s favorite food are manufactured, and selling all the fake products in huge quantities also to kill us in huge quantities in their fastest growing distribution chains from wholesales down to trade stores even at the village levels owned by themselves.

There is so much corruption at the government offices that no one confirms properly whether the quality, standards and the expiry dates are genuine in all Asian products. Even the entry to our country is not checked properly.

We have been giving away our land, business opportunities and labour away cheaply while their governments buy our sovereignty with loans which we openly allow.

How can we allow them to spread like weeds? How can we be so ignorant? Our ignorance, stupidity, complacency, laziness and greed have created multiple pathway for their overnight success.

PNG please wake up! Let us change our mindsets and see what is happening around us. Rise up. Show up. Own up. Take over. Take control. Take back PNG from scavengers, strangers and counterfeits!

Picture used from PNGi.