“Haus Kunai ideology” – a Tok Bokis Post

By Garry Juffa

I sighted a post by some of my dear brothers who were scathing in their opinion of political parties. They believe political parties are mere clubs for politicians to use to drive for Prime Ministership. I do not blame them for their views and opinions. I mean no wonder people in PNG have become so bitterly cynical after having hope and watching it evaporate so often whenever parties emerge that show promise.

I had to agree with them. To a degree. But brothers, hear me out. Do not lose hope.

I have a political party too. A small one. Possibly the smallest. So I have to defend myself and my small(ish, est) party. I cannot speak for all parties but I do believe there are a few good ones and they were established and exist for noble reasons and causes. Most are not glitzy and shiny as they like me do not indulge in the marketing aspect of political parties because most like mine cannot afford it and its not in our nature. So we are often unable to attract political stock and unable to attract the peoples attention.

Yes I have a party. It’s a one man party. In fact many people do not even know my Party. That’s a testament to my poor effort at marketing it. Its called the Peoples Movement for Change Party. It’s a small haus kunai party. Bai mi explainim na yu yet skelim. Sot wan tasol. Promise!

As I said, I hardly have the financial clout to offer members anything but that’s fine by me..I registered as a hope that it will be for the people. But I can’t dish out the goodies to bring the people or their leaders. But that’s fine too.

My Party is just about three things: land economy and future.

Land – liklik stori blo graun blo yumi

Land being all on it and under it and around it that’s Papua New Guinean. We own it but sadly are losing it fast due to our own weaknesses and greed. How do we protect it and not lose it and yet use it for helping ourselves?

Economy – liklik stori blo kaikai blo graun

True independence comes from it. It is a work in progress. We hardly own it and will only be truly independent when we do and to do that we need to own the laws that will ensure we reap the benefits of our resources and can thus be truly independent. As it is, we are very much far far away from owning our own economy. As long as we keep the colonial laws that ensure it is never in our reach, the economy will remain out of reach and belong to others who benefit from the development of the land.

Future – liklik stori blo tumora

Whoever means to construct the future since we hardly own the economy. Only those who own the economy will construct the future. Right now our future is very much unknown to us and it looks like someone else is constructing it for themselves and we shall be mere consequences.

Em tasol.

I started this small party for anyone in PNG who shares this ideology, this PNG view not so I could be PM. But sadly I was naive. Yes, I said it. I had this naive hope that political parties that stood to represent the people would attract them. But no. Maybe my marketing was wrong. Maybe I didnt splurge on the goodies. Maybe I was unconvincing. Maybe my party was too small and unattractive.

Not shiny and displaying the power of material wealth.

It was a haus kunai party. But it was ours.

In time I learnt political lessons such as the real fact that most people wanted fancy parties with lights power and running water and fancy entertainment systems to listen to and dance to. People loved lamb flaps and beer parties which I cannot afford and don’t indulge in.

So ol abrusim mi na haus kunai blo yumi wansait. Oh I have to mention one interesting fact. Only children seem to be genuinely attracted to my haus kunai. Everywhere I go I meet amazing children who know me and love me and shake my hand. I am always amazed that someone some tiny little person in the middle of somewhere in PNG knows me by name and comes to shake my hand. So I have invested my haus kunai ideology for them. It’s why I do my bit to talk to children in their schools and encourage them to think about being leaders one day. Someone needs to keep our fire burning at the haus kunai!

So yes you have a point my brothers but no, not all parties are set up as boys clubs.

Some of us have genuine intentions. Naive intentions I guess now in hindsight but genuine.

I hope this makes sense guys. If not, that’s fine too. It was just a hopeful dream and one I still cling to. I never understood the real dynamics of politics, but I am learning now politics in PNG is about power emanating from money sourced from major donors who have vested interests in managing their bought political entities for outcomes that are in favor of their balance sheets.

So brothers, do not give up hope. Nothing us stopping you from building your own haus kunai on your own land.

It’s a free country and no one is prevented from doing their best to help build PNG. I believe in due time people will learn and improve in their decision making and realize that a grass hut they own is better than a mansion owned by others. Just my haus kunai tu toea ideas ol brata.

Have a great day.


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